Zambia’s leader scrutinized for continuous outings

Hakainde Hichilema has defended his latest visit, to meet South Africa's president

Hakainde Hichilema has defended his latest visit, to meet South Africa’s president

Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema has gone under assault from the resistance due to his successive excursions abroad.

Mr Hichilema on Wednesday made his 10th unfamiliar outing since getting down to business in August.

His most recent excursion is a two-day visit to South Africa for converses with his partner Cyril Ramaphosa just as going to a book send off.

However, the resistance Socialist Party has scrutinized the outing after his gathering with Mr Ramaphosa was depicted as a graciousness call.

“All in all, what precisely is the reason for President Hichilema’s outing to South Africa assuming the gathering with President Ramaphosa is just a coincidentally? Is the gathering with President Ramaphosa a simple concealment for his private interests?,”

Socialist Party president Fred M’membe composed on his Facebook page.

While in the resistance, Mr Hichilema frequently censured unfamiliar outings attempted by his ancestor Edgar Lungu.

Andyford Banda, a current resistance pioneer, tweeted that his party and current President Hichelema had already both “censured” Mr Lungu’s organization for this, adding that

“reducing expenses should begin with”

Mr Hichelema himself now:


Be that as it may, Mr Hichilema clarified his outing in a progression of Facebook posts.

He affirmed holding respective discussions with Mr Ramaphosa which focused

“around improvement, local harmony and security and upgrading our monetary and reciprocal ties”.

He likewise affirmed participating in the send off of a book composed by Greg Mills, entitled Expensive Poverty, Why Aid Fails And How It Can Work.

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