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‘You are exceptionally stupid’ – Shatta Wale affronts Sam George over ‘smoking incorrectly leave’ tweet

Sam George and Shatta Wale

Sam George and Shatta Wale

‘Plan set for Twitter’ as Shatta Wale is hauling Honorable Sam George for coming after him.
The Ghanaian dancehall act has been moving after a video of him kissing another man surfaced on the web. The blunt Ningo Prampram who is vocal with regards to his situation for the counter LGTBQ charge chose to add his opinion to the video.
Remarking on the moving video, he said

“E resemble broda man smoke some unacceptable leaves. Perhaps e go do snap take clarify na w3i di3r, I’m not hanastand”.

His tweet didn’t agree with Shatta Wale who has chosen to fire back at him.

“That sam George on the off chance that you don’t shut down those stupid remarks about me erh … You go wiped out for space for quite a long time except if I contact you… I never see stupid man like you too previously .. demonstrate to me which leave I smoke, you are extremely silly a man,”

he tweeted.

In another Tweet, he said

“ah is sam George even an administration individual or he is a radio moderator ..Masa this year assuming that you be pastor and u come to me at any rate, I will likewise come to you at any rate !! What da fuck !!!! If Ibe so u folks need us to run the country, we go that way .. tackle, stupid man”.

Shatta Wale didn’t stop there, in one more series of tweets, he went to add that

“the plot ppl like sam George has for me we know all .. Bigman huge man however you talk like a numb-skull .. Do your more regrettable stupid man !!”.

The MP known for his chitchat on Twitter is yet to react to Shatta Wale’s tweets. While we pause, see a greater amount of everything Shatta Wale needs to say to him in the tweets underneath.

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