Why Elon Musk Fired His Long-Term Assistant Who Asked for A Raise

Here is what you can gain from it.
It’s mid 2014 – when Mary Beth Brown chose to request a raise yet never believed that it would stop her 12-year long expert connection with Elon Musk.
Brown had been working for the advanced Tony Stark Elon Musk for a very long time. She buckled down as she would go to and fro between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley consistently, work late around evening time, and, surprisingly, on the ends of the week.
She used to deal with Musk’s planning across two organizations (SpaceX and Tesla), oversee advertising, and frequently assist Musk with settling on business choices.
She resembled an expansion of Musk. At any rate, she would feel as such.
Ashlee Vance, in his book

“Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,”

referenced this story and depicted Brown like this –

“Brown – or MB, as everybody called her – turned into Musk’s dedicated aide, laying out a genuine variant of the connection between Iron Man’s Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. On the off chance that Musk worked a twenty-hour day, so too sautéed. Throughout the long term, she brought Musk suppers, set up his business arrangements, organized time with his kids, selected his dresses, managed press solicitations, and when essential yanked Musk out of gatherings to keep him on time. Subsequently, she would arise as the main scaffold among Musk and his inclinations in general and was a significant resource for the organizations’ workers.”

Ashlee likewise referenced that Brown had a remarkable commitment in fostering SpaceX’s initial culture as she gave close consideration to everything about helped balance the energy around the workplace.
Along these lines, in mid 2014, Brown went to Musk with high expectation and requested a raise. To be explicit, she needed to be repaid according to SpaceX’s top chiefs.
Do you have any idea about everything Elon Musk said to her accordingly? He advised Brown to go home for the weeks so he would understand the worth of Brown’s liabilities (in her nonappearance). All things considered, Musk needed to acknowledge how vital Brown was for him.

“I told her, ‘Look, I believe you’re truly important. Perhaps that pay is correct. You want to require fourteen days’ get-away, and I will survey regardless of whether that is valid,'”

Musk said, as per Ashlee’s commentaries.
Along these lines, Brown went home for the weeks and Musk assumed control over her work.
After the fourteen days when Brown came to the workplace, Musk told her that he didn’t require her administration any longer.
As per Musk,

“When she got back, my decision was only that the relationship wouldn’t work any longer. Twelve years is a decent run for any work. She’ll work effectively for somebody.”

It was a genuine shock to Brown. I mean nobody gets terminated for requesting a raise, correct?
In the book, Ashlee composed that this inelegant occasion struck individuals inside SpaceX and Tesla and affirmed the legend around Musk’s awful aloofness and absence of sympathy.
Musk asserted that he extended to Brown one more employment opportunity with a similar compensation, however Brown rejected and left the organization.
Presently the inquiry is – for what reason did Musk fire his drawn out associate who did everything appropriate for him for quite a while? Was that about requesting more cash? Or on the other hand, Musk’s revelation that their relationship was not working any longer? Or on the other hand, Brown’s inability to pass judgment/get Musk notwithstanding working with him for a very long time?
According to Brown’s point of view, it’s clear that she was certain about her commitment to the organizations Musk possessed, and subsequently, she needed Musk to regard her as a top fighter in his group.
Yet, she to be sure misjudged Musk on this event as he thought about the matter according to an exceptionally sensible perspective, ignoring every one of the past commitments of Brown.
Thus, inside only fourteen days, Musk secured that Brown’s position was not generally needed. Well, for Musk – Brown neglected to become fundamental.
This article on reverberations equivalent to it says,

“On the off chance that you concur with Musk’s choice to fire his partner from her job, it shows you the significance of making yourself as crucial as conceivable prior to requesting a raise. Then again, on the off chance that you side with the partner, it’s a significant suggestion to not go a very long time with being come up short on and underestimated.”

On Aug 25, 2015, Justine Musk, ex of Elon Musk, posted on Quora from her checked profile,

“Mary Beth Brown began working for Elon not long after we moved to LA twelve or thirteen years prior (Elon and I were as yet hitched then). MB was an outstanding and committed worker of Elon’s and exquisite to manage on an individual level. She gave her life to the gig – and to our family – and the fresh insight about her takeoff was a shock to me.
Obviously (concurring, I accept, to Ashlee Vance, who composed the book on Elon), MB requested a raise. E told her that assuming she was genuinely basic to SpaceX, it ought not be ready to work in her nonappearance (or something like that). He proposed a 3-week analysis to test this speculation/her value. This helps me to remember something almost identical he once told me, ages ago, after I returned from seven days’ encounter with my family in Canada – that his life had worked flawlessly in my nonappearance. He was telling me that I was a clumsy house administrator. (He was not off-base.) So of the various stories I have heard behind MB’s takeoff from SpaceX, this is the one that impacts me. (Despite the fact that you would *never* utilize the word ‘uncouth’ in relationship with MB!)
Any place MB is and anything she is doing, I trust her life is spectacular. She and I have not generally been on a similar side, yet I have – and will continuously have – gigantic regard for that momentous lady.”
The tale of Brown being terminated was discredited by Elon Musk.
On Aug 11, 2017, he tweeted,

“Of the multitude of fake tales, this one inconveniences me the most. Ashlee never really showed this story to me or my partner. It is absolute babble.”

He further referenced,

“Mary Beth was an astonishing associate for more than decade, yet as organization intricacy developed, the job required a few experts versus one generalist.”

For the individuals who imagine that Musk is a holy person who can’t do any off-base – I should tell you, truly, Musk – like any remaining bad-to-the-bone finance managers – heartlessly fires individuals who differ or impede him (as per another book, Power Play: Tesla, Elon Musk, and the Bet of the Century by Tim Higgins).
Anything the real explanation is, I think the story shows us a few significant illustrations. We shouldn’t work at organizations where our commitment goes unrecognized. Once more, we shouldn’t underestimate our work (or our chief) for allowed.
Since regardless of how long you have been functioning for the organization or that you are so near the administration – you can be supplanted without warning. Organizations simply love to terminate high-paid old workers and supplant them with youthful ones with less cash.
That is the hard truth. Along these lines, remember that and give your own life more significance than the organization you work at.
Furthermore, obviously, prior to requesting a raise – remember to give your supervisor essentially twelve reasons (if very few) why you merit it. Additionally, it’s better not to work at the organizations where you really want to request a raise.

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