Virginia Giuffre: Prince Andrew accuser’s deal with Jeffrey Epstein to be made public

Image caption,
Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, now Giuffre, and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001

Image caption,
Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, now Giuffre, and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001

Accord between Virginia Giuffre and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, which could be key to a civil case concerning the Duke of York, is to be announced for the first time later.

The 2009 deal connecting Epstein and Ms Giuffre is announced on Monday following an order by judges in the US.

Prince Andrew’s lawyers is of the opinion it could release him from accountability in the case brought by Ms Giuffre, who accuses him of sexual assault at the time she was 17.

He has frequently denied the assertions.

Andrew B Brettler, who stands for the duke, had contended at a foregoing hearing that the

“settlement agreement”

would end Ms Giuffre’s lawsuit against Andrew.

The agreement was reached between Ms Giuffre, as well known as Virginia Roberts, and the prince’s one time friend and sentenced sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison in 2019.

Mr Brettler had in the past told a New York hearing the consensus

“releases Prince Andrew and others from any purported liability arising from the claims Ms Giuffre asserted against Prince Andrew here”.

What are the accusations against Prince Andrew?

Prince Andrew asked to prove he could not sweat

What Maxwell trial means for Prince Andrew

US District Judge Lewis A Kaplan, who is chairing over the civil case, is set to hold a video teleconference on Tuesday at the time a appeal by the duke’s legal team to disregard the case will be heard.

Ms Giuffre is suing the Queen’s son for reportedly sexually assaulting her in London, New York and the Virgin Islands at the time she was a teenager.

She is seeking unstated damages, still there is conjecture the sum could be in the millions of dollars.

She alleged she was traded by discredited financier Epstein to have sex with Andrew at the time she was 17 and a minor under US law.

Andrew, 61, has denied all the assertions, telling BBC Newsnight in 2019:

“It didn’t happen. I can absolutely categorically tell you it never happened. I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever.”

Judge Kaplan last week contradicted a motion from Andrew’s lawyers to halt the civil proceedings amid the issue of where Ms Giuffre, now 38 and believed to be residing in Australia, lives is dealt with.

Last week, Ms Giuffre’s lawyers stated they were seeking proof of Andrew’s claim he had an inability to sweat, which he said showed a


with her account of an evening with the duke.

“I didn’t sweat at the time because I had suffered what I would describe as an overdose of Adrenalin in the Falklands War when I was shot at and it was almost impossible for me to sweat,”

he told Newsnight.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s erstwhile girlfriend and Andrew’s friend, faces the rest of her life in jail following her conviction last week for assisting to obtain teenage girls for the discredited financier to sexually abuse.

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