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UN calls for release of detained Noureddine Bhiri ex-Tunisia justice minister

Noureddine Bhiri is in hospital under guard

Noureddine Bhiri is in hospital under guard

The UN is calling on the Tunisian command to either release or accurately charge the country’s erstwhile justice minister.

Noureddine Bhiri has been detained following being taken away from his home on 31 December for alleged terrorism offences.

A second man was arrested and detained on the same day.

“We urge the authorities to either promptly release or properly charge these two men in accordance with due process standards for criminal proceedings,”

said Liz Throssell, a spokesperson for the UN human rights office, OHCHR.

Tunisia’s President Kais Saied postponed parliament last July and started ruling by decree in a attempt rivals cauterized as a coup.

Mr Bhiri, who at first went on hunger strike, remains in hospital under guard.

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