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TWEET SPOT: Karine Jean-Pierre has incessant history of blaming things for being bigoted

TWEET SPOT: Karine Jean-Pierre has incessant history of blaming things for being bigoted

TWEET SPOT: Karine Jean-Pierre has incessant history of blaming things for being bigoted

Recently introduced White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has a long history of blaming arrangements and political adversaries for “prejudice,” an audit of her online entertainment and TV news appearances show.

The Post saw Jean-Pierre’s tweets somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2020 and found an amazing 57 examples where she charged individuals, strategies, thoughts, or expressions of being “bigot.”

Also, Jean-Pierre blamed individuals and thoughts she was against as “bigot” no less than multiple times in TV appearances as well, as per video cutting assistance Grabien, whose accessible investigation crossed only the initial two years of President Trump’s term in office.

Her objective on both web-based entertainment and TV was predominantly Trump.

“On the off chance that it strolls like a bigot, talks like a bigot, behaves like a bigot, it is a bigot and we have a bigoted president in the White House who truly pushes his bigotry like a peacock,” she told a sneering board on the MSNBC show “AM Joy” in 2018.

“Donald Trump is a RACIST!” she railed in a tweet from Jan 2018, repeating what turned into a typical forgo her during his administration.

Karine Jean-Pierre
Jean-Pierre is a one-time national spokesperson for the far left group MoveOn.
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

“Donald Trump is the most outwardly racist President that we have seen in generations and African Americans voters aren’t blind to that. He uses his megaphone to divide people, spew racism, and give cover to white supremacists,”

she tweeted in 2020.

Her new boss, President Biden, got in on the act in during the 2020 presidential campaign, claiming Trump was “one of the most racist presidents’ we’ve ever had.”

Trump was far not alone as an object of her derision — Jean-Pierre also ripped the former president’s staff and confidants as racists too.

“Steve Bannon is a white Supremacist. Steve Bannon is a white Nationalist
Steve Bannon is a racist,”

she thundered in September 2018, of the president’s former White House counselor. She levied the same accusation on Sebastian Gorka, another Trump White House advisor.

Jean-Pierre also blasted former Attorney General Jeff Sessions as “a bigot & a racist,” who “views brown and black people as less than, not even human,” according to a tweet from June 2018.

She also called racists Texas Sen. John Cornyn in 2020, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2018, and Former Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie in 2017.

Karine Jean-Pierre tweet
The Post found 57 instances where she accused people, policies, ideas, or words of being “racist” on Twitter.

Jean-Pierre, a one-time national spokesperson for the far left group MoveOn, has never been shy about dropping the R word for polices and institutions she found objectionable as well.

“[Fox News] was racist before coronavirus, they are racist during the coronavirus, Fox News will be racist after the coronavirus,”

Jean-Pierre said during a March 15 appearance on “AM Joy.” She also blasted the American Israel Public Affairs Committee as “severely racist,” in a Newsweek Op-Ed from 2019.

She has also attacked former President Trump’s wall along the southern border as racist, and has suggested the same about voter ID laws.

Jean-Pierre, a public devotee of Critical Race Theory, and its founder, the radical academic Kimberlé Crenshaw, also includes her own country in the broadside. She has embraced the position that “systemic racism” runs through every facet of the United States. The viewpoint is a cornerstone of CRT thinking.

“Racism doesn’t have political stripes. It’s a systematic problem in this country,”

she said in a February 2019 tweet. “Systemic racism pervades every part of our society,” she added in a tweet from June 2020.

“A tactic of hers has been to automatically reach toward talking points that fire up the Democratic base and don’t translate to the majority of the American people,”

someone who frequently appeared with her on television told The Post.

Reps for Jean-Pierre did not immediately respond to request for comment from The Post.

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