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Sovereign lies in state: LIVE updates as line to see the casket CLOSES for six hours and Sovereign’s grandkids including William and Harry plan for Saturday night vigil while Lord Charles visits Grains

Fans mob David Beckham in queue to see the Queen lying in state
Images shared on social media show fellow members of the queue photographing the 47-year-old former footballer as he waited to pay his respects.

Fans mob David Beckham in queue to see the Queen lying in state
Images shared on social media show fellow members of the queue photographing the 47-year-old former footballer as he waited to pay his respects.

The Sovereign’s memorial service: All the most recent Regal Family news and inclusion
Here, follow the present most recent letting it be known, updates and pictures from the imperial family as the Sovereign’s lying in state enters its subsequent day.
Fans crowd David Beckham for photos – yet he gets them all doughnuts all things considered
David Beckham has been seen lining in London as he joined thousands standing by to see the Sovereign lying in state, igniting an overabundance as fans mobbing the star neglected to continue to push ahead.

The football star is said to have joined the line at around 2am today and purchased everyone around him doughnuts to keep them generally going, MailOnline gets it.

Pictures shared via virtual entertainment show individual individuals from the line to Westminster Corridor holding their telephones in the air to catch an image of the 47-year-old previous footballer as he stood by to offer his appreciation.

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Against government nonconformists turn out in Cardiff
Hostile to government nonconformists have turned out in Cardiff this evening to challenge Charles becoming Ruler of the UK.

Nonconformists held signs and stood calmly outside Cardiff Palace as the Lord and Sovereign Partner showed up.

One dissident’s sign said: ‘Not my Ruler’ and ‘I’m a regular citizen, not a subject’.

It comes after police were broadly censured after the Sovereign’s demise for their treatment of other quiet dissenters in London who held comparative signs.

First Priest Imprint Drakeford called for ‘proportionate’ policing of any fights recently.

In the midst of the cheering that emerged as Charles and Camilla showed up by motorcade at Cardiff Palace hostile to government dissidents could be heard booing while at the same time holding signs perusing ‘We need a vote based system, a Welsh republic’.

Notwithstanding expecting to be a quiet dissent by various gatherings under the flag Genuine Majority rule government Now, the convention likewise on occasion broke into melody drove by individuals from the Cor Cochion, a communist ensemble situated in Cardiff.

A person holds a placard during a protest outside Cardiff Castle on the day of a visit by Britain’s King Charles

King and Queen arrive at Cardiff Castle to cries of ‘God Save The King’

The King and Queen Consort have arrived at Cardiff Castle to cheers and flag waving from an adoring crowd.

The Band of the Royal Welsh played the national anthem as the couple made their way to the front of the castle – with military goat Lance Corporal Shenkin IV stationed at the front.

After cries of ‘God save the King’, Charles smiled and waved before heading into the castle for an audience with First Minister Mark Drakeford.

Lance Corporal Shenkin IV, the regimental mascot goat of the Third Battalion of the Royal Welsh regiment, prepare for the arrival of the King and Queen Consort at Cardiff CastleDavid Beckham ‘buys everyone donuts’

People in the queue tp see the Queen have described David Beckham as a ‘ledge’ after he bought everyone around him in the queue donuts.

He has reportedly been queuing since 2am alongside ordinary members of the public.

He has been praised on social media for his quiet tribute after standing in the queue unnoticed for twelve hours.

What happened in the Welsh Parliament this afternoon?

We briefly brought you news that Charles spoke in front of the Welsh Parliament this afternoon.

The Parliament sat for First Minister Mark Drakeford to propose the Motion of Condolence in English and Welsh.

The motion, which was agreed at an extraordinary session of the Senedd held last Sunday, said: ‘That this Senedd expresses its deep sadness at the death of Her Majesty The Queen and offers its sincere condolences to His Majesty The King and other members of the royal family.

‘We recognise Her Majesty’s enduring commitment to public service and duty, including her support for many Welsh charities and organisations, and her lifelong association with Wales and its people.’

The session was closed by the Llywdd Elin Jones, who then escorted Charles and Camilla to the courtyard area where they viewed condolence messages and met 12 members of the Welsh Youth Parliament.

Britain’s King Charles III speaks after receiving a Motion of Condolence at the Senedd, following the death of Queen Elizabeth IIMore photos of David Beckham emerge as word spreads of his arrival

More photos of David Beckham queuing to enter Westminster Hall have emerged as word spreads he is in the area.

Some fans have been so busy taking photographs that they have forgotten to move forward with the crowd.

David Beckham queuing to pay respect to the QueenMourners continue to wait in ‘Elizabeth Line’ queue

People stand in a queue to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II during the Lying-in State, in Southwark park in London

Watch: Queen’s distant cousin joins Southwark Park queue
Video: Queen Elizabeth II distant cousin Zenouska Mowatt joins the queue
David Beckham spotted ‘queuing for lying-in-state’

Football fans claim to have spotted David Beckham queuing up to see the Queen lying-in-state this afternoon.

Pictures shared online appear to show him amongst the thousands of mourners waiting to visit the Queen’s coffin.

David Beckham queueing to get inside Westminster hall.Royal family shares summary of King’s official visit

The royal family has shared footage of the King and Queen Consort greeting crowds during their trip to Cardiff today.

Watch the video below:

Accessible queue to see Queen lying in state now also closed

The accessible queue for those wishing to see the Queen lying in state has now also reached its capacity for the day and closed.

It comes several hours after the DCMS announced the main queue had been paused for new entries for ‘at least’ six hours.

A spokesperson for the department said: ‘The accessible queue is at capacity for today and entry for allocation of wristbands is currently paused.

‘Those with wristbands and entry times will still be able to view the Lying-in-State.’

The King and Queen greet school children in royal walkabout

The King and Queen Consort greeted school children in a walkabout during their visit to Wales a short while ago.

Children with flowers, Welsh flags and teddies greeted the King and Queen as they spoke to well-wishers around Cardiff.

Britain’s King Charles III meets the local community after a Service of Prayer and Reflection for the life of Queen Elizabeth II, at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, WalesKing Charles addresses Welsh Parliament in English and Welsh

King Charles has just been addressing the Welsh Parliament. He described serving as Prince of Wales under

‘my beloved mother the Queen’ as a ‘great privilege’.

Each of line of his speech he gave in both English and Welsh, which he studied at school.

He said his son’s

‘love for this corner of the earth has been made all the greater by the years he himself has spent here.’

Discussing his mother’s devotion to the Welsh public, the King told the Welsh Parliament: ‘Through all the years of her reign the land of Wales could not have been closer to my mother’s heart.

‘I know she took immense pride in your many great achievements.

‘It must surely be counted the greatest privilege to belong to a land that could inspire such devotion.

‘I am resolved to honour that slefless example in the spirit of the words by which I have always tried to live my own life: “I serve.”‘

Gates to Southwark Park closed to prevent people joining queue

Staff at Southwark Park marshalling the queue to see Queen Elizabeth II lying in state have closed gates to the park to prevent lots of people from joining the queue, or a queue to join the queue, which is officially closed.

It is understood to be a temporary measure. We’ll bring you more when we get it.

Gates at the entrance to Southwark Park are temporary closed, to limit the number of peopleChina’s official delegation ‘to be barred from visiting Queen’s coffin’

China’s official delegation is expected to be barred from attending the Queen’s lying in state ahead of the state funeral.

Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle will prevent them entering Westminster Hall while seven MPs and peers remain sanctioned by Beijing, a parliamentary source told the PA news agency.

Two sanctioned Tory MPs, Sir Iain Duncan Smith and Tim Loughton, have been raising concerns about the delegation’s possible attendance, saying it was “extraordinary” they had received an invite.

Sir Lindsay was upholding his position on barring Chinese state officials while the parliamentarians remain sanctioned, the source said, confirming the story first reported by the Politico website.

A House of Commons spokesman said “we do not comment on security matters” while Sir Lindsay’s spokesman also declined to comment.

Number 10 also declined to comment, with a Downing Street spokeswoman saying:

“Admission to Parliament is a matter for Parliament.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping is not scheduled to attend the Westminster Abbey funeral on Monday, instead sending his deputy, Wang Qishan.

Mr Xi met Russian President Vladimir Putin at a summit in Uzbekistan on Thursday.

China hit the parliamentarians with sanctions shortly after Britain – along with the US, Canada and European Union – placed sanctions on Chinese officials deemed responsible for human rights abuses in the country’s autonomous north-west territory of Xinjiang.

The Government has increasingly signalled a willingness to take a harder line against China and, as foreign secretary, Liz Truss was seen as a key voice pushing for a tougher stance.

Dogs across the country ‘pay their respects’ to the Queen

Dogs have been pictured ‘paying their respects’ to the Queen at memorial sites up and down the country.

Some mourners have managed to sneak their miniature pets into Westminster Hall to see the late monarch laying in state – despite them being prohibited.

Others have been dressed in Union Jack coats or collars while walking with their owners among tributes and flowers.

“A queue for the queue’ is set up after the line for mourners hoping to see the Queen’s coffin is temporarily closed

A queue for the queue to see the Queen’s lying-in-state was set up today as mourners arrived at the end of the five-mile ‘Elizabeth line’ to get into Westminster Hall only to find out it would be shut for at least six hours.

Around 2,000 mourners were being held in a holding area at Southwark Park in London around noon today to alleviate congestion in the queue ahead where mourners were facing a wait of up to 14 hours.

A crowd formed around the entrance to the main queue as people begged to be let in. Security teams in high-vis jacketed allowing 100 people at a time from the holding area to join the main queue every ten to 15 minutes.

The Government said in an update just before 10am: ‘Southwark Park has reached capacity. Entry will be paused for at least 6 hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Please do not attempt to join the queue until it re-opens.’

Just after 12pm, the Government also said the accessible queue was now ‘at capacity for today and entry for allocation of wristbands is currently paused’, adding that those with wristbands and entry times will still get in.

Initially there was confusion around the closure of the queue at Southwark Park. Thousands of mourners were still filing through the gate, despite instructions from the Government that the queue has been paused until 4pm.

Eventually, a sign at the entrance to Southwark Park was changed to announce that the queue had been paused. The sign originally said: ‘Lying in state queue: please expect long delays, thank you for your patience.’

The sign then changed at around 11.35am to ‘Entry to Her Majesty’s lying in state queue is temporarily paused. Lying in state queue wait time from this point minimum 14 hours.’

Officials then began stopping people from entering the queue for the lying in state.

Read the full story at MailOnline here:

Channel 4 has said it will screen a 1953 documentary of the Queen’s coronation while the state funeral is being broadcast on other channels.

The 1953 technicolour programme, A Queen Is Crowned, is narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier and was nominated for an Oscar.

The Channel 4 schedule for the day of the funeral on September 19 will also observe the two-minute silence as a mark of respect to the Queen.

A Channel 4 spokesperson told the PA news agency: ‘On the day Britain says farewell to its longest-serving monarch, Channel 4 will be airing A Queen Is Crowned, the classic 1953 documentary about her coronation, so that viewers can experience both the beginning and end of her remarkable reign.

‘Following the service, Channel 4 will also broadcast two extended editions of Channel 4 News as well as the 1943 Vera Lynn film, We’ll Meet Again.’

The will be two 90-minute Channel 4 News broadcasts during the day, with a special at 1.25pm and a second programme at 7pm.

From 8.30pm onwards, the schedule will return to regular programming with Jamie’s One Pan Wonders, First Dates and Walter Presents: Sisterhood among shows that will air.

Nature series Britain’s Most Beautiful Landscapes and Secrets Of The Royal Gardens will be shown in the morning.

The episode of Gogglebox scheduled for the evening of September 16 will also reflect the week’s events, the PA news agency understands.

Police officers across Britain ‘relishing’ opportunity to support the Queen’s funeral

Police officers from around the country are relishing the opportunity to help support the Queen’s funeral, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said.

‘It (the Queen’s funeral) is an enormous policing operation,’

he told the PA news agency.

‘We now build in the resources over the weekend towards Monday. We’ve got Metropolitan Police officers supported by pretty much every force across the country.

‘The number of officers deployed is heading to a point where it will be well beyond the total size of a force like West Midlands or Greater Manchester – it will be heading into the high numbers of thousands of officers deployed.

‘And within that you’ve got the very visible officers lining routes and patrolling the crowds supported by any number of specialists, counterterrorism specialists, firearms officers, search officers – the whole range of skills that we have in the organisation all dedicated to supporting this event and ensuring that it is safe, and trying to do it in an unobtrusive way as possible because this is obviously a solemn occasion and we want to present that opportunity for everyone to reflect and mourn as is proper on Monday.’

Sir Mark added: ‘The operation (this week) has been going fantastically well, and it’s great to see the spirit of officers.

‘I think the sense in all the officers I speak to – whether they’re Met officers or from around the country – is that everyone feels just immensely privileged to be able to take this opportunity to play a small part in supporting the funeral of Queen Elizabeth and actually they’re really relishing and proud of that opportunity.’

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson look at floral tributes to the Queen

Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York look at floral tributes to the Queen which have been laid by members of the public near Windsor Castle.

The late monarch’s funeral will be held on Monday.

ATCH: Queue for Queen’s coffin paused for 6 hours due to capacity

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern is among first dignitaries to arrive in London

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has arrived in London ahead of the ‘reception of the century’ on Sunday, which will see the who’s who of the global elite – including presidents, emperors and royal families – gather at Buckingham Palace on the eve of the Queen’s funeral.

King Charles III will host hundreds of dignitaries from every country the UK has diplomatic relations with in what will be the largest gathering of world leaders for a generation.

US President Joe Biden, the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky – Olena Zelenska – and King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain are expected to be among the guests at the star-studded affair.

Read the full story at MailOnline here:

More than 30 arrests have been made so far as part of the biggest policing operation in the Met’s history in the lead-up to the Queen’s funeral.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Cundy said by Friday morning 34 people had been arrested for a ‘range of offences’ but described this as ‘relatively few’, adding that none had been for protesting.

Scotland Yard has not yet been able to provide a breakdown of the offences involved.

The senior officer told reporters the ‘hugely complex’ policing operation is the biggest in the force’s history, surpassing the London 2012 Olympics which saw up to 10,000 police officers on duty per day.

Mr Cundy said: ‘This will be the largest single policing event that the Met Police has ever undertaken.

‘As a single event this is larger than the 2012 Olympics, it is larger than the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

‘The range of officers, police staff and all those supporting the operation is truly immense.’

It will also be the largest global protection operation the force has dealt with, as hundreds of world leaders, dignitaries and other VIPs are expected to attend the state funeral on Monday.

In the wake of the Queen’s death, in mutual aid alone – officers who are drafted in from outside forces to help – there will be 20,000 officer shifts throughout the week and 2,000 officers in a single day at the peak, Mr Cundy said.

Specialist teams involved in the operation include motorbike escort riders, mounted branch carrying out patrols on horseback, firearms officers, dog teams and the marine unit.

The force has used more than 22 miles (36km) of barriers in central London alone to control crowds and keep key areas secure.

Pictured: Smiling Charles and Camilla return to Wales as King and Queen

The former Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall returned to Wales with smiles this morning before attending a national service at Llandaff Cathedral.

The service has just finished and the couple are expected to leave the cathedral shortly.

King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort, arrive at Llandaff CathedralAnti-terrorism officers deployed across London as nation mourns

Specially-trained anti-terrorism officers are deployed across London to keep the public safe as the nation mourns, the Metropolitan Police has said.

Officers from Project Servator will be on patrol, including on Monday when the Queen’s state funeral is to take place.

The Metropolitan Police’s website explains: ‘Project Servator aims to deter, detect and disrupt a range of criminal activity, including terrorism, while providing a reassuring presence for the public.

‘Our officers are experienced and specially trained to spot the tell-tale signs that someone is planning or preparing to commit an act of crime.’

The former Prince of Wales returns to Cardiff as King

King Charles III was greeted with cannon fire and cheers as he arrived on Welsh soil for the first time as monarch today.

The former Prince of Wales and the Queen Consort landed just before 11.15am before getting into the waiting Royal limousine to take him to Llandaff Cathedral.

He flew by helicopter from Highrove, where he has spent the last 24 hours mourning his mother the Queen.

On arrival, His Majesty was warmly greeted by Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford and faith leaders before being ushered inside.

Read more about his visit here:

Mourners ‘beg’ to be let in as Southwark Park queue entrance closed

Mourners are reportedly ‘begging’ to be allowed to join the queue to file past the Queen as she lies in state after the entrance to the line in Southwark Park was closed a few minutes ago, media outlets are reporting.

The DCMS announced that entry to the queue would be paused for at least six hours a little over two hours ago – but the entrance in Southwark Park, where the back of the queue currently lies, was only closed in the last few minutes.

People at Southwark Park, South East London join the queue to see Queen Elizabeth II Lying in StateKey workers and volunteers among those invited to Queen’s funeral

Around 200 key workers and volunteers have received invites to the Queen’s funeral, it has been announced.

One of those invited is Natalie Queiroz from Birmingham, who teaches children about the dangers of knife crime after surviving a 2016 attack at the hands of her partner when she was heavily pregnant.

Ms Queiroz, who was recently recognised with an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list, was stabbed 24 times during in the attack in Sutton Coldfield.

In a video message posted on her Twitter account on Friday, she said: ‘The cat’s out of the bag it seems. I was told to keep it secret but I believe everyone now knows – it’s a massive, massive honour.’

Adding that she felt privileged to be invited, she also said she was ‘just really humbled to be part of such a huge experience and to be able to say thank you to Her late Majesty the Queen and to fly the flag for Birmingham.’

The Queen’s funeral will take place on Monday, September 19.

King Charles appears tired as he arrives in Wales after most the difficult week

The new King appeared tired but in good spirits as he arrived in Cardiff today ahead of a national service of prayer and reflection for his late mother.

He has had probably the busiest and most difficult week of his life after racing up to Balmoral to see the Queen before she passed away last Thursday.

This was followed by a series of complex and exhausting royal engagements, including a national TV address, accession ceremony and royal tour of all the UK’s nations.

Britain’s King Charles arrives at Llandaff Cathedral for Wales’ National Service of Prayer and Reflection for Britain’s former Queen, Elizabeth II

Hours after government announcement, Southwark queue sign says it is closed

A sign at the entrance to Southwark Park in south-east London has finally been changed to announce that the queue to see the Queen lying in state has been paused.

The sign originally said: ‘Lying in state queue: please expect long delays, thank you for your patience.’

The sign changed at around 11.35am to: ‘Entry to Her Majesty’s lying in state queue is temporarily paused. Lying in state queue wait time from this point minimum 14 hours.’

It was previously reported that staff at the park had not received any instructions to close the queue, despite the government stating on social media it had been paused for at least six hours.

Met Police arrest 34 people in lead up to Queen’s funeral on Monday

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Cundy has said 34 people have been arrested as part of the policing operation in the lead up to the Queen’s funeral.

He described the number, recorded by Friday morning, ‘relatively few’, and said none were for protesting. Scotland Yard has not yet been able to provide a breakdown of the offences involved.

Mr Cundy told journalists on Friday that the massive policing operation is the biggest in the force’s history, surpassing the 2012 Olympics and Platinum Jubilee.

He said: ‘This will be the largest single policing event that the Met Police has ever undertaken.

‘As a single event this is larger than the 2012 Olympics, it is larger than the Platinum Jubilee weekend. The range of officers, police staff and all those supporting the operation is truly immense.’

Stuart Cundy, Deputy Assistant Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police, arrives to give evidence at Stephen Port victims inquest at Barking Town Hall in London

King Charles found out about mother’s ill health ‘at same time as the public’

King Charles only found out about his mother’s deteriorating health moments before the public at Dumfries House, a royal editor has claimed.

Newsweek’s Chief Royal Correspondent Jack Royston has revealed King Charles was only told about the downturn in his mother’s health shortly before the news became public.

He explained: ‘Charles and Camilla were in Dumfries House. Camilla was actually about to record an interview with Jenna Bush Hager, who said she heard footsteps running in the hallway.

‘Charles took a call, everything was silent, and they were asked to be silent. Then the next thing she knew, Charles and Camilla were in a helicopter.’

Welsh language takes centre stage at service for Queen

The Welsh language is taking centre stage at the service for the Queen in Llandaff Cathedral.

The King famously knows Welsh well, having studied it at school.

Mark Drakeford, the Welsh First Minister, is currently addressing the congregation in Welsh.

The Army, Navy and RAF mark Charles’ first visit to Wales as monarch with gun salute

The Army, Navy and RAF have marked King Charles’ first visit to Wales as monarch with a gun salute as he landed in Cardiff just a few minutes ago.

Reservists from 104 Regiment Royal Artillery carried out the gun salute from Cardiff Castle on Friday as Charles arrived at Llandaff Cathedral.

Reservists from 104 Regiment Royal Artillery fire a royal gun salute from Cardiff Castle, to mark the arrival of King Charles III in WalesCharles and Camilla arrive at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff

King Charles III and his wife, the Queen Consort, have now arrived at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff.

The pair arrived to thousands of cheering fans lining the city’s streets just moments ago.

The King and Queen met the Archbishop of Wales before filing into the Cathedral for a service dedicated to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

This marks the beginning of the final stage of the King’s royal tour of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The King and Queen arrive in Cardiff at Llandaff Cathedral

Thousands gathered on the streets of Cardiff to see their new King arrive in the city

Prince Charles arrives in Cardiff: in pictures

King Charles lands in Wales ahead of Cathedral Service

King Charles III has landed in Wales in his first visit to the country since becoming King.

He will now travel to Llandaff Cathedral for a special service recognising the life and work of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

King’s helicopter pictured arriving in Cardiff

King Charles’ helicopter has been pictured just moments away from landing in Cardiff.

The King and Queen Consort will be greeted by a gun salute on landing.

Accessible queue for the Queen’s lying-in-state ‘very busy’

The accessible queue for the Queen’s lying-in-state is ‘very busy’ with all this afternoon’s time slots filled up, the government has said.

The DCMS is urging people to ‘consider’ the fact there are ‘long wait times’ before making their way to the queue.

The main queue was closed around an hour ago.

King Charles III to arrive in Cardiff to thousands of cheering fans

King Charles III is about to arrive in Cardiff to thousands of cheering royal fans lining the city’s streets.

The King and Queen Consort are attending Llandaff Cathedral for a service to remember the King’s late mother.

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has already arrived at the cathedral.

Liz Truss arrives at Llandaff CathedralThe queue for the queue: First pictures emerge

The first images of the queue for the queue have emerged from Southwark Park in south London.

What appears to be as many as thousands of people have already joined a long tail of people since the government announced that the queue was closed to new entries.

The DCMS said it would be at least six hours, or 4pm, until the queue is reopened.

Mourners queue past Covid Memorial Wall

Those who joined the queue in time this morning before it closed will pass iconic London landmarks: including the recently added Covid Memorial Wall.

In a solemn moment, mourners have been pictured lining up beside the wall, which commemorates all of the lives lost to Covid during the pandemic.

‘Protests won’t disrupt historic trip’: Mark Drakeford ahead of King Charles’ visit

King Charles III will be greeted with cannon-fire as he sets foot on Welsh soil for the first time as monarch today and Cardiff welcomes the former Prince of Wales – its longest-serving in history.

The monarch and the Queen Consort will this morning land in the Welsh capital by helicopter from Highgrove, where Her Majesty’s mourning son has spent the past 24 hours.

Thousands are expected to gather at Llandaff Cathedral and Cardiff Castle to greet the King, who was Prince of Wales for more than 53 years and whose mother the Queen will be buried with her wedding ring – made of Welsh gold – made so she would ‘always carry a piece of Wales’ with her.

But there will also be protests as the royal couple arrive on Owain Glyndwr Day – celebrating the revered and last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales who died in hiding from Henry V of England in 1415 after leading a battle for independence.

A silent demonstration will begin from 1pm at Cardiff Castle, organisers have said, but First Minister Mark Drakeford believes it will not disrupt the visit, claiming it will be a ‘footnote’ to the main proceedings. He said: ‘People have a legitimate right to protest and there are a variety of views’.

Read more:

Queue attendants have ‘not been told to close the queue’

Contrary to the government’s messaging on social media, those policing the queue to enter Westminster Hall have said they have received ‘no instructions’ to close the queue.

Hundreds of mourners were witnessed continuing to enter the park despite the Government’s online warning.

One queue attendant told the PA news agency they had yet to receive any instructions to close the gate and stop any more people joining.

Queuing for the lying in state of Queen Elizabeth 11 this morning‘Hundreds’ continue to head for the back of the ‘closed’ queue

Hundreds of people have been pictured continuing to file into the queue to see the Queen lying in state, despite the DCMS tweeting that the line is ‘closed’.

LBC has filmed mourners heading past a sign saying ‘Lying in state entry point’ behind barriers, while queue marshals in high-vis stand by and watch.

The ‘Elizabeth Line’ of mourners desperate to view the Queen‘s coffin at Westminster Hall was shut for at least six hours today after reaching nearly five miles long – an astonishing 14-hour wait.

The Government said in an update just before 10am: ‘Southwark Park has reached capacity. Entry will be paused for at least 6 hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Please do not attempt to join the queue until it re-opens.’

On the third day of the Queen’s lying in state, those stood in the queue which hugged the south bank of the River Thames were told the wait time had swelled to ‘at least 14 hours’ and 4.9 miles to Southwark Park in Bermondsey.

Read more details here:

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield pay their respects to the Queen

The much-loved morning duo Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have been pictured paying their respects to the Queen at Westminster Hall this morning.

The TV presenters filed past the coffin together, both dressed in black, shortly after the government announced that the queue would be closed for at least six hours.

Holly and Phillip at Westminster Hall

Holly and Phillip at Westminster HallKing Charles ‘requested’ that Prince Harry wear uniform in grandchildren vigil

The decision to allow the Duke of Sussex to wear his uniform during a vigil at the Queen’s coffin was made by his father, King Charles III, royal sources have said.

Charles also requested that the Queen’s eight grandchildren be allowed to participate in the vigil – standing in quiet contemplation around their grandmother for 15 minutes as a mark of respect – something they were all keen to undertake.

Harry, who saw action on the front line during two tours of duty in Afghanistan, has been denied the chance to wear his military uniform, as he publicly mourns, because he is no longer a working royal.

Despite being a former Army officer, he has been in civilian dress for official events, including walking behind his grandmother’s coffin on Wednesday when it was carried to Westminster Hall for lying in state.

An exception had been made for the disgraced Duke of York, who is no longer a working royal but will wear his military uniform as a ‘special mark of respect’ for the Queen when he stands guard around her coffin during a vigil with his siblings on Friday evening.

Prince William, Prince of Wales, King Charles III, Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Anne, Princess Royal, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex walk behind the coffin during the procession for the Lying-in State of Queen Elizabeth II on September 14Queue live tracker tells public ‘do not attempt to join’ the line

Now the queue to file past Elizabeth II’s coffin has been paused, the DCMS’ live tracker has changed and tells the public ‘do not attempt to join’.

The queue length, time and location estimates have all disappeared.

Crowds grow to greet King Charles on his first trip to Wales as monarch

Crowds to greet King Charles and wife Camilla on the monarch’s first visit to Wales as King are continuing to grow this morning.

Young children have been pictured joining with their parents, some holding signs which read:

‘Welcome to Wales King Charles.’

Until the Queen’s death last Thursday, King Charles had been the longest-ever serving Prince of Wales.

People gather in Cardiff to welcome the newly minted King Charles IIIMourners react with horror to news that the ‘Elizabeth Line’ is closed

Devastated mourners have expressed disappointment and frustration after it was announced that the queue to see the Queen lying in state has been closed to new entries for at least six hours.

One Briton, Sarah, said: ‘On the train to London. Thank you so much for my wasted journey. So much for the queue reaching 10miles.’

Another, Matt Shaw, added:

‘That’s a crazy decision when some people have travelled miles to be there.’

Breaking: Queue entry closed for six hours

The queue to view the Queen’s coffin has been closed for ‘at least six hours’ after reaching capacity.

More to follow.

Disabled mourners reminded to go to accessibility kiosk

Mourners who have a disability or mobility issues which mean they cannot stand in line for an extended period of time are being reminded this morning to go to the accessibility kiosk and not attempt to join the main queue to file past the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall.

The main queue is now almost five miles long, with a wait-time of at least 14 hours.

Anyone with access issues should head to the kiosk by the Tate Modern instead.

Queen’s grandchildren to stand vigil over her coffin on Saturday night

Eight of the Queen’s grandchildren will stand vigil beside her coffin in Westminster Hall for 15 minutes on Saturday night, royal sources have confirmed.

The Prince of Wales will stand at the head, the Duke of Sussex at the foot. At the King’s request, they will both be in uniform.

The other grandchildren will be in morning suits and dark formal dresses with decorations.

William will be flanked by his cousins Zara Tindall and Peter Philips, the children of the Princess Royal; while Harry will be with the Duke of York’s daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

The Earl of Wessex’s children Lady Louise and Viscount Severn will stand near the middle of their grandmother’s coffin.

The grandchildren, at the King’s invitation, are said to be very keen to pay their respects – just as their parents are doing on Friday evening.

Britain’s Princess Eugenie of York attends a service for the reception of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin at Westminster Hall, in the Palace of Westminster in London on September 14

Princess Beatrice, Viscount Severn and Lady Louise Windsor pay their respects to their grandmother

Prince William, Prince of Wales and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex walk behind Queen Elizabeth II’s coffinExcitement ramps up for arrival of Charles III in Cardiff

Members of the public are waiting excitedly for the arrival of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla in Cardiff, as the royal tour concludes there later today.

People are currently waiting behind barriers at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, for a Service of Prayer and Reflection for the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

People have brought with them young children including babies, Welsh flags and Union Jack bunting.

Members of the public awaiting the arrival of King Charles III and the Queen Consort at Llandaff Cathedral

Ban on low-flying planes expanded to Monday for Queen’s funeral

The ban on planes flying below a certain altitude over central London has been extended until the end of Monday for the Queen’s funeral.

The Civil Aviation Authority said the ban has been enforced as part of wider security arrangements, and applies to aircraft including personal jets, small balloons, kites and parachutes.

Aircraft are not permitted to fly below 2,500 feet above mean sea level within central London or Windsor, Berkshire, from 6am until 8pm on Monday.

A spokesperson for the regulator said this will create a ‘protective blanket’ over the restricted areas, but will not affect commercial flights because they operate above the altitude limits.

Commercial flights will not be affected by the ban

Brits quip they look forward to ‘the queue to join the queue’

Britons have quipped that they are looking forward to ‘queuing to join the queue’ to see Queen Elizabeth lying in state ahead of her funeral on Monday, September 19.

The DCMS tweeted a short while ago that the queue was ‘close to capacity’ and some mourners would be turned away if it reaches its maximum length.

Britons commented on the post, saying: ‘Please join the queue to join the queue’ and ‘Looking forward to updates from the queue to join The Queue’.

In response, one social media user said: ‘I can’t tell what’s real or parody any more.’

Watch: Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford on King’s visit and republican protests

Earlier we brought you some of Mark Drakeford’s comments on ‘proportional’ policing around anti-monarchy protests expected in Cardiff later today.

Watch the full interview on Sky News here:

Video: Drakeford speaks on what King Charles will be doing in visit to Wales
Queue to bid Queen farewell ‘close to capacity’, government says

The DCMS has repeated its appeal for mourners to stay away from the end of the queue to pay their respects to the Queen as it says the queue is ‘close to capacity’.

Despite this, the government’s queue tracker has not changed the length of the line from 4.9 miles since 8am this morning.

Kremlin officials have slammed a decision not to invite any Russian officials to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral as ‘profoundly immoral’.

The Kremlin’s spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said: ‘We believe that the UK’s attempt to take advantage of a national tragedy that touched the hearts of millions of people around the world in order to settle scores with us during the days of mourning is deeply immoral.’

Ms Zakharova said the decision to block Russians from the funeral was ‘particularly cynical’ because of the role played by the Queen during the Second World War.

The government has been praised for the decision amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Read more:

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan todayPublic should now expect to spend 14 hours waiting to see the Queen, DCMS says

Members of the public joining the line to see the late Queen lying in state will now face a wait of at least 14 hours, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has said.

The DCMS updated their live stream moments ago to reflect that although the queue has remained at around five miles in length, the queuing time has now jumped to 14 hours.

Anyone with a disability or mobility issues should not join this queue and seek advise from officials, as there is a separate queue for those affected by these.

Heathrow councils flights out of respect for the Queen’s funeral

More than 100 Heathrow Airport flights will be cancelled to prevent aircraft noise disturbing proceedings at Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle during the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

The west London airport announced that 15% of its 1,200 flights due to take off or land on Monday will be disrupted.

British Airways – the most-affected airline – will cancel 100 short-haul flights due to the restrictions.

Virgin Atlantic said it will cancel four flights.

The affected flights include those planned during or shortly before or after the two-minute silence at the end of the funeral.

Royal mourners take in London’s sights on way to pay their respects

For royal mourners travelling from afar to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II, there is a rare opportunity for them to take in London’s sights at the same time.

Although a solemn occasion, the beauty of landmarks such as Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Parliament allow visitors to take in some of the city during the long wait.

Mourners queue along the South Bank on Friday morning

People stand in the queue in front of the London Eye

Parliament and Big Ben can be seen across the river by some of those queuing
Sunrise at London Bridge this morning, as thousands queued past Tower BridgeHow long is the queue to see the Queen lying in state?

Mourners should expect a 4.9 mile queue that will take at least 11.5 hours to complete if they are joining the back of the line to see the Queen lying in state this morning.

The maximum length of the queue is 10 miles, at which point members of the public could face up to a 30 hour wait.

Westminster Hall will remain open for the occasion until 6.30am on Monday, 19 September – the same day as the Queen’s funeral.

Watch: Mourners enjoy beautiful sunrise over London

Mourners enjoyed a beautiful sunrise this morning as they waited in line alongside famous London landmarks such as Tower Bridge.

Watch here:

Video: Thousands of people continue to queue for the Queen during sunrise
Government asks mourners NOT to join queue to pay respects to Queen

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has asked members of the public to consider delaying joining the queue to see the Queen’s coffin if they have not already set off this morning.

The queue is currently around five miles long and has reached Southwark Park.

The department said: ‘If the park reaches capacity, entry to the queue will be paused. If you have not yet set off to join, please consider waiting until numbers have reduced.’

The maximum capacity of the queue is 10 miles.

‘From.Apple.Retail’: What is what3words?

What3words is being used by the government to more accurately pinpoint the exact end of the queue to file past the Queen lying in state.

The app uses a geocode system to triangulate a user’s location by the use of three coordinates, which have been assigned with permanent unique words from the dictionary.

Developers split the Earth’s service into three-metre squares, each with a unique three-word code.

This allows the app to assign a unique combination of words to anyone’s location, narrowing it down to the three-metre area on the globe’s surface.

The app is used by all sorts of organisations – from tourist information centres to emergency services. It is particularly useful in the UK for mountain rescue services or other off-road emergencies, when there is no street address for a call handler to use.

For those wishing to see the Queen lying in state, what3words enables them to head to the exact endpoint of the queue in real-time.

The current code for the end of the queue is ‘From.Apple.Retail.’

Crowds continue to pay respects to the Queen in Westminster Hall

As the UK wakes up on Friday morning, crowds are continuing to pay their respects to the late Queen inside Westminster Hall.

Despite an 11.5 hour wait, the queue continues to lengthen.

Inside the hall, mourners have been pictured bowing, curtsying and crossing themselves in front of Her Majesty’s coffin.

People paying respects to the Queen at Westminster HallAnti-monarchy protests planned for King Charles’ visit to Wales

Protests against the monarchy are expected to take place outside Cardiff Castle when the new King Charles III visits Wales during his royal tour later today.

The Welsh First Minister has said that any protests will be a ‘footnote’ to the main proceedings, as the King and Queen Consort prepare to visit Wales.

Discussing planned protests during the visit, Mark Drakeford said: ‘People have a legitimate right to protest and there are a variety of views.’

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘People have that right and I think it will be exercised with restraint and it will be a footnote to the dominant feelings of the day.’

Mr Drakeford also stressed that he had confidence in the police to deal with protests in a ‘proportionate’ way, amid questions about the handling of demonstrators in other parts of the UK.

‘It should be proportionate. It should recognise the rights that people have. I have every confidence in the South Wales Police who have dealt with this sort of event many times very successfully.’

Chinese delegation banned from lying in state

An official delegation from China has reportedly been banned from attending the Queen’s lying in state.

It comes amid a row over Chinese representation at the funeral of the late monarch, with concerns raised by some Conservative MPs over the extension of an invitation to the country.

Senior Tory MPs Tim Loughton and Sir Iain Duncan Smith this week wrote to the Commons Speaker and Lord Speaker, calling it ‘extraordinary’ that Chinese representatives should have received an invitation.

The group from Beijing has been refused permission by Commons authorities to attend the lying in state after an intervention by the Speaker, a senior parliamentary figure told news website Politico.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle reportedly told colleagues he declined a request for the delegation to be allowed access to Westminster Hall, where crowds continue to pay their respects to the Queen ahead of her funeral on Monday.

Speaker of the House Lindsay Hoyle leaves a service of prayer and reflection for the Queen at St Paul’s Cathedral

Kate Middleton melted hearts yesterday after walking alongside a young girl, 8, and helping her choose a spot to lay her tribute to the Queen.

The new Princess of Wales, 40, was yesterday at the late monarch’s Sandringham residence looking at the sea of tributes to the Queen and chatting to crowds with husband William.

She spotted and spoke to schoolgirl Elizabeth Sulkovska, eight, clutching a bouquet of flowers and a corgi teddy.

Footage shows the eight-year-old, who was in the crowd with school friends, speak to Kate.

A delighted Elizabeth was then chosen to walk up to the sea of tributes with Kate and place the corgi among them.

Three central London Tube stations will be closed for most of the morning on Monday – the day of the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey – to avoid overcrowding, TfL has announced.

Passengers will be prevented from starting or ending journeys at Westminster, St James’s Park and Hyde Park Corner stations.

The transport body said it ‘will aim to reopen stations’ after the funeral to help people leaving the Westminster area.

Green Park station will be exit-only between 10am and 8pm.

Many buses in central London will be diverted due to road closures. TfL also announced that buses will pull over ‘if it is safe and practical to do so’ and switch their engines off during the one-minute silence on Sunday at 8pm and the two-minute silence at around 11.55am on Monday


Queue jumps to almost five miles by 8am on Friday

The queue to see the Queen lying in state has reached 4.9 miles this morning, with a minimum queueing time of 11.5 hours.

The line has reached Southwark Park, but mourners can find the exact location by using the what3words app with the code ‘’

Mourners wrap up warm in early morning chill

A man stands in a scarf as people queue to pay their respects to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

A group of mourners wrap up in blankets and woolly hats

Jacinda Ardern to have audience with King Charles and PM before funeral

New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern will have private audiences with King Charles III, Prince William of Wales and the UK’s new PM Liz Truss, it has been announced.

The meetings come as little surprise after new details of the funeral arrangements were announced yesterday, as New Zealand is a close ally of the UK.

Ms Ardern said she will likely discuss Ukraine and the UK’s free trade agreement with New Zealand when she meets Liz Truss, but that the focus would be on the Queen’s death.

‘I am sure we will also transact our relationship as well, but it is all within the context of the week of mourning that the UK is currently in,’ she said.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during a post-Cabinet press conference at Parliament, in Wellington, New Zealand this week

US President to take ‘The BEAST’ to Queen’s funeral

US President Joe Biden will ride in a famous armoured vehicle nicknamed ‘The Beast’ while visiting the UK to attend the Queen’s funeral.

The Cadillac has night vision cameras, tear gas cannons, and 8 inches of armor.

Its doors weigh as much as those on a Boeing 757 aircraft and its tires are pneumatic run-flats so the vehicle can still drive even if they are deflated. The president also can use a state-of-the-art communication system that is built into the Beast, which weighs about 20,000 pounds.

There is also a secure oxygen system and a supply of the president’s own blood in case of an emergency.

The vehicle was built to withstand chemical and biological attacks as well as bullets and explosions, with its chassis said to be effectively ‘indestructible.’

Some of Biden’s entourage was spotted arriving in London yesterday.


‘We have got to see it through’: Public determined to put tiredness aside

Members of the public have described tiredness, aching feet and stiff limbs – as well as cold and hunger – but are determined to stay in the queue to the end.

Mary Buttimer, 59 from Greenwich, and Martin Clark, 65, from Kent, have become firm friends in the queue.

Standing near London Bridge station, London, the pair have been in the queue for an hour and a half.

Mary said she had joined the queue to pay her respects to the Queen. ‘I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a royalist, but I just thought it was a respectful thing I could do, to acknowledge her years of service,’ she said.

Martin said they had started near Bermondsey station, and seemed ready for a long wait ahead.

‘We are in, we have got to see it through now,’ he said.

People Queue early this morning at Tower Bridge to see The Queen lying in state

People queue to visit Westminster Palace where the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is

Elizabeth Line’ queue reached Southwark Park as mourners waited 14 hours

Last night the queue to pay final respects to Her Majesty reached five miles as mourners faced a wait of 14 hours overnight to get into Westminster Hall this morning.

Read more here:

Thousands are already watching the government’s live queue tracker this morning, a live stream which informs the public how long the queue is, how long they should expect to queue for and the exact location of the end of the queue.

Yesterday up to 12,000 people were watching the stream at any one time.

Watch: Queue to see the Queen’s coffin continues into the night

A brief look at the queue to see the Queen lying in state from overnight now. Although the length of the line diminished during the night to 3.6 miles, it has quickly jumped back up to almost 4.5 miles this morning.

Mourners faced a cold night and a fast moving queue as they waited to see the late monarch.

Princes William and Harry will walk together in the procession of the Queen’s funeral on Monday it has been revealed.

At Monday’s funeral, the Duke of Sussex will be flanked by his older brother, the newly titled Prince of Wales, and Mr Phillips, as the coffin makes the short journey – led by Navy troops pulling a gun carriage.

The three eldest grandchildren of the Queen will walk behind King Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, who will lead the procession of senior royals behind the late monarch’s coffin.

Behind the grandchildren will be the late monarch’s son-in-law Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, the Queen’s cousin the Duke of Gloucester, and her nephew the Earl of Snowdon.

It comes as it was earlier revealed how the Queen’s state funeral will end with a two-minute national silence in a ‘fitting tribute to an extraordinary reign’ before she is laid to rest beside her late husband.

Read more here:

What is happening today?

Friday marks just over a week since the Queen passed away last Thursday afternoon. There is a busy day once again for the new King Charles and the rest of the royal family – but what exactly is happening today?

King Charles and the Queen Consort will travel to Wales by helicopter where they will attend a service of prayer and reflection at Llandaff Cathedral.

The couple will then go to the Welsh Parliament where they will receive condolences and meet members of the Senedd.

From there they will travel to Cardiff Castle where Charles will hold a private audience with Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford and the presiding officer, before attending a reception hosted by the Welsh Government. A protest against the monarchy is expected to take place outside the castle.

On his return to Buckingham Palace, the King will host faith leaders in the Bow Room.

The Prince and Princess of Wales will visit Army Training Centre Pirbright in Surrey to meet troops from the Commonwealth who have been deployed to the UK to take part in the state funeral of Her Majesty The Queen.

The lying in state continues. From 7.30pm, the Vigil of the Princes takes place at Westminster Hall, carried out by Queen’s four children (The King, Princess Royal, Duke of York and Earl of Wessex).

Queue to pay respects to the Queen reaches 4.4 miles by 7am

By 7am this morning the queue for mourners to say goodbye to the late Queen Elizabeth II had reached 4.4 miles, with the government warning this meant a wait of at least 11 hours.

Members of the public have been filing past Her Majesty’s coffin all night, and will continue to do so until Sunday.

Queue for members of the public to see queen Elizebeth II lying in state at Tower Bridge

Good morning and welcome to our live coverage

Good morning and welcome to our live coverage today as King Charles III heads to Wales and thousands queue to pay their respects to the Queen as she lies in state at Westminster Hall.

We will bring you all the latest news, photos and videos throughout the day, as well as updates on the length and location of the queue to see the Queen’s coffin.

Queen funeral latest: Royal Family updates as queue to see coffin closes

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