Siachen icy mass: Missing Indian warrior’s body tracked down following 38 years

Chandrashekhar Harbola's family say the discovery will give them closure

Chandrashekhar Harbola’s family say the discovery will give them closure

The body of an Indian trooper who disappeared in the Himalayas a long time back has been found.

Chandrashekhar Harbola and 19 partners were trapped in a torrential slide during a watching activity in the Siachen icy mass along the India-Pakistan line in 1984.

Fifteen bodies were recuperated later yet five stayed missing.

Siachen is the world’s most noteworthy war zone and troopers from the two nations bite the dust in tempests and torrential slides.

The military unit that detected Harbola’s body additionally viewed as another however it was at this point to be recognized, PTI news organization detailed.

Harbola’s family, who live in Haldwani region in the Himalayan province of Uttarakhand, said the revelation would provide them a sense of finality. A burial service with full military distinctions has been arranged in his town.

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This isn’t whenever that a trooper’s body first has been tracked down after many years. A watching unit tracked down the group of Tukaram V Patil in 2014 – 21 years after he disappeared in the ice sheets.

Siachen has for some time been a challenged region among India and Pakistan. Talks have been held to neutralize the zone yet with next to no achievement.

Troops from the atomic furnished neighbors faced a short conflict to declare their command over the Siachen icy mass in 1984.

Very nearly forty years after the fact, troops from the two countries are as yet positioned in the aloof landscape.

No less than 129 Pakistan fighters kicked the bucket in 2012 in a torrential slide close to the Siachen icy mass. The occurrence incited calls for India and Pakistan to pull out troops from the challenged region however the neighbors neglected to show up at a choice.

Somewhere around 10 Indian warriors passed on in a torrential slide in 2016 and another four kicked the bucket in 2019 under comparable conditions.

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