Shooting berserk suspect harbored extremist views, targeted victims he knew

Police had investigated McLeod for undisclosed incidents the last two years.
Lyndon McLeod/Instagram

Police had investigated McLeod for undisclosed incidents the last two years.
Lyndon McLeod/Instagram

A fifth victim has died after a Denver area berserk shooting, authorities said Tuesday, just as it was as well revealed the shooting suspect was a one time tattoo shop owner who allegedly cherished extremist views.

Reported 47-year-old shooter Lyndon McLeod, who as well died following an exchange of gunfire with police on Monday night, is of the opinion have targeted victims he knew – inclusive of two women and a man at a pair of tattoo shops, KDVR reported, citing police.

McLeod shared extremist views and had a history of psychiatric episodes, law enforcement sources told ABC News. Police had probed the suspect for unnamed incidents in 2020 and 2021 – still no charges were ever filed.

5 dead in Denver shooting rampage
Five people are dead and another three wounded, including a police officer, after a gunm…Read More
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Alleged 47-year-old shooter Lyndon McLeod is believed to have targeted victims he knew.
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Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado was one of the victims of the shooting.
Alicia Gunn Maldonado/Facebook

The frightening spree started at about 5 p.m. at Sol Tribe Tattoo and penetrating in Denver where McLeod allegedly gunned down Alicia Cardenas, 44, and Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado, KDVR reported. A man was as well injured at the first scene.

A short time later, a man was deadly shot in another Denver location, police said.

Gunfire then break-out nearby on Bannock Street and Sixth Avenue – where McLeod used to own a tattoo parlor, ABC news reported. Nobody was injured in the third shooting.

Denver police eventually located McLeod’s car and gave chase, exchanging gunfire before he was able to get away.

The gunfire first started at Sol Tribe Tattoo and Piercing. Denver Post via Getty Images

Alicia Cardenas was among the victims.
Alicia Cardenas/Facebook

The shootings happened at separate locations across the Denver metro area.
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Exactly before 6 p.m., McLeod reportedly killed Danny Scofield at Lucky 13 Tattoo on Kipling Street in Lakewood, as stated by KDVR.

Officers moved the suspect’s car in the Belmar shopping area and again interchange fire with the man.

McLeod then escaped into a Hyatt hotel and reportedly shot dead a clerk, Sarah Steck, police said.

Following leaving the hotel, the suspect reportedly shot and injured a Lakewood police officer, authorities said.

The injured officer, whose name was yet to be released at the time of this write up, underwent surgery Monday night. She is anticipated to make a full recovery.

Lyndon McLeod was killed after firing at police.
Lyndon McLeod/Instagram

Police have not identified Lyndon McLeod’s motive.
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Police and the suspect then interchanged gunfire for a third time, and the suspect died. It was not instantly clear if police officers had shot him.

Police have not publicly declared a motive in the fatally shooting spree.

“We need to dig in and find out what the motive was behind this,”

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said at a news conference.

Sources inform ABC News that inspectors are combing through McLeod’s writings for clues into a motive.



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