Savage Attack: Meghan Markle ‘ghosted me’ and Prince Harry is ‘weak’ says Lizzie Cundy

Lizzie Cundy has hit out at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ( Image: Getty Images) Lizzie insists that Harry 'let his family down' ( Image: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Lizzie Cundy has hit out at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ( Image: Getty Images) Lizzie insists that Harry ‘let his family down’ ( Image: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Meghan Markle’s one-time friend Lizzie Cundy has hit out at the royal and her husband Prince Harry for causing distress to Prince Charles
The erstwhile model, 53, has hit out at the royal couple in the midst of gossip concerning Harry’s ‘nervous tension relationship’ with his father, Prince Charles.

The star has right now disclosed her ‘disappointment’ over the news, proposing that Meghan is the principal factor behind the death of the father-son relationship.

Lizzie first made friends with Meghan back in 2013, during the time that the mother-of-two was an actress in Suits.

The pair struck up a bond when they go along with one another to a charity dinner in London, still things shortly turned sour when Lizzie accused Meghan of ‘ghosting’ her immediately after she got close to Prince Harry.

After the disclosure that Prince Charles and his son Harry have ‘barely spoken’ in eight months and association between them are ‘at an all-time low’, Lizzie has shared her feelings of pity and sorrow for Prince Charles.

surrounded by reports that Charles is ‘deeply shocked and hurt’ by Prince Harry’s negative remark concerning the workings of the royal family, model Lizzie has hit out at Harry and Meghan for causing widespread destruction and ‘letting his family down’.

“I’m not surprised Prince Charles is disappointed. Prince Harry was in a very privileged position. He was born to do what he was to do as a prince”

Lizzie told The Sun.

“He’s let the family down. Saying there was this alleged racist within the Royal Family was just shocking. Prince William had to come out and say it wasn’t true. Prince Harry’s been very weak and it’s not attractive.”

Lizzie labelled Prince Harry as ‘weak’ ( Image: Dave
Benett/Getty Images) Both Lizzie and Piers Morgan were ‘ghosted’ by Meghan ( Image: WireImage)

She went on:

“I just hope he’s genuinely happy and if he is then fair enough. If they want to go away and be private then I wish them well, but then stop doing all the interviews.”

Lizzie as well hit out at Meghan in the course of the discussion, calling her out for ‘ghosting’ her and her pal Piers Morgan who both made friends with her sooner than she became close with Harry.

The erstwhile model maintained that she is not aggrieved, and was very pleased for Meghan during the time she and Harry first got together.

Lizzie has made it clear she’s not a fan of the royal couple ( Image: SIPA USA/PA Images)

“Me and Piers were both ghosted by Meghan. We are always getting told that we’re the bitter friends who never got the call back. No, not at all. There was no one more happy than me when they got together.”

Lizzie continued to express warm admiration of Harry’s brother Prince William and his wife Kate – a pair of royals who ‘never whinge and moan’.

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