Royal Pain as Shocking photo seems to show Epstein and Maxwell lazing at Queen Elizabeth’s estate

Royal Pain as Shocking photo seems to show Epstein and Maxwell lazing at Queen Elizabeth’s estate

A extremely impressive new photo shows Jeffrey Epstein lazing with claimed madam Ghislaine Maxwell in what seems to be Queen Elizabeth II’s personal Scottish getaway.

The undated image — one of a store of proof retrieved from Epstein’s properties and handed over this week at Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial — is accepted to be from 1999, during the time the pair were invited to the queen’s Balmoral estate by discredited son Prince Andrew, the BBC said.

It reveals the relaxed and informal dressed pair with modest smiles and in younger days, with media heiress Maxwell leaning against her long-term lover, with her right arm tenderly relaxing on his legs.

The pair posed in what seems to be the precise same spot where other images display Britain’s 95-year-old monarch smiling and eating meals.

In those portraits, the Queen rests a drink in the precise same spot Maxwell and Epstein left a small coffee cup in their snapshot.

The controversial couple’s clear ease in the photo reflects how they appeared to be accustomed to such royal treatment.

The contentious couple’s clear effortlessness in the photo — and also their easy attire, with Epstein wearing a gray sweatshirt and Maxwell an untucked plaid button-down — a throw back on how they seemed to be often used to such royal treatment.

Both were generally known pals of Andrew, the Queen’s 61-year-old middle son who is alleged of having sex with one self-confessed Epstein sex slave, a outrage that led to him being kicked from royal duties.

Queen Elizabeth appears to have once posed in the exact same spot as Epstein and Maxwell. Margaret Rhodes

While without dated, the photo seems to have been taken in 1999, when Andrew was known to have arranged for the pair and their company — which reportedly was inclusive of a model in her 20s, The Sun reported.

At the beginning of this year, Andrew once more stayed at his mother’s retreat, where he was alleged of hiding from servers attempting to serve him over accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s legal action.

The depiction was one of numerous revealed to the jury in Maxwell’s still in progress Manhattan federal human trafficking trial in a move to show that she was “partners in crime” with Epstein, the guilty pedophile who committed suicide in August 2019.

Other shots exposed them hugging and kissing — and Maxwell surprisingly giving her pedophile lover a foot massage.
Andrew’s name has since come up in Maxwell’s trial as one of the eminent friends flown on Epstein’s private jets — accompanied by others as well as erstwhile presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

The prince has passionate rejected having sex with girls tied to Epstein’s reported sex ring and maintained he was oblivious concerning his pal’s abnormal ways, in spite of staying with him at his Upper East Side mansion.

Andrew refused to remark on the picture, The Sun said.

Maxwell — the daughter of discredited late media baron Robert Maxwell — is alleged of enlisting young girls for Epstein to misuse. She has pleaded not guilty and her trial in Manhattan federal court continues.




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