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Roman Abramovich: Rabbi explored over Portuguese citizenship

Ros Atkins on... Chelsea and Russia

Ros Atkins on… Chelsea and Russia

A rabbi who assisted Russian very rich person Roman Abramovich with acquiring his Portuguese citizenship has been informed he can’t pass on Portugal and should introduce himself to specialists when required.

Daniel Litvak was kept on Thursday as a feature of an examination concerning how citizenship had been allowed.

The naturalization cycle of a few Jewish individuals is being explored.

On Friday, Mr Abramovich was endorsed by the UK in light of Russia’s attack of Ukraine.

Mr Abramovich, 55, is the proprietor of Chelsea FC and he is one of seven oligarchs to be hit with new authorizes, including resource freezes and travel boycotts.

The Premier League has excluded him as a head of the club.

Mr Abramovich was conceded Portuguese citizenship in April 2021 under a regulation that offered naturalization to relatives of Sephardic Jews, who were ousted from the Iberian landmass over 400 years prior during the Inquisition.

Candidates for Portuguese citizenship through this course are evaluated by specialists at one of Portugal’s Jewish people group in one or the other Lisbon or Porto. Mr Litvak is the rabbi for the local area in Porto (northern Portugal) and was answerable for evaluating Mr Abramovich’s application.

Mr Litvak was kept by specialists as he was planning to venture out to Israel. He was approached to surrender his visa and should intermittently introduce himself to specialists.

Portugal’s Judicial Police and public examiner said on Friday that there were doubts of tax evasion, debasement, misrepresentation and distortion of records during the time spent of conceding citizenship to relatives of Sephardic Jews.

Porto’s Jewish people group has denied any bad behavior and said it was the objective of a slanderous attack. They added that Mr Litvak supervised the office that awards affirmation of a person’s Sephardic Jewish legacy and the standards utilized for conceding somebody Portuguese identity had

“been acknowledged by progressive legislatures”.

Ros Atkins on… Chelsea and Russia


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