Proud Boys pic: Kyle Rittenhouse claims ex-lawyer ‘set him up’

Kyle Rittenhouse posed with purported members of the Proud Boys and made a hand gesture used by white supremacists in January 2021.
Kenosha County DA's Office

Kyle Rittenhouse posed with purported members of the Proud Boys and made a hand gesture used by white supremacists in January 2021.
Kenosha County DA’s Office

Kyle Rittenhouse asserted his ex-attorney “set him up” for a photo of him posing with alleged members of the Proud Boys and making a hand signal used by white supremacists.

Rittenhouse damned his former legal team, John Pierce and Lin Wood, saying he did not know the “OK” hand signal is now connected with white supremacy and alleging he

“didn’t know what a militia was”

till after he was apprehended.

The 18-year-old was seen making the signalling in a now far apart moved continuously and freely picture taken in a Wisconsin bar and used by the prosecution in the racially charged murder case against Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two people and wounded a third in the course of a dispute in Kenosha-Wis., last year.

Rittenhouse, acquitted on all charges last week following claim of self-defense, posed for the picture in January at the same time of awaiting trial.

“I didn’t know that the OK hand sign was a symbol for white supremacy just as I didn’t know those people in the bar were Proud Boys,”

Rittenhouse revealed to NewsNationNow’s Ashleigh Banfield in a discussion that aired Tuesday.

“They were set up by my former attorney (Pierce) who was fired because of that, for putting me in situations like that with people I don’t agree with.”

Kyle Rittenhouse claimed attorney John Pierce set him up for the photo.
AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, Pool, File

Pierce wasn’t in present at the bar, nonetheless was plotting to use the Proud Boys as security at his law office in the course of a hearing in the case, Rittenhouse stated. An email to Rittenhouse’s former legal team from The Post wasn’t instantly recognized on Tuesday.

“I definitely don’t think it looked good to hang out with people who are now known to be Proud Boys,”

Rittenhouse said when queried if he had second thoughts about the picture. “I definitely wouldn’t do that again.


Kenosha County prosecutors have requested to modify Kyle Rittenhouse’s bond after he was spotted at a Racine County bar last week.

Kyle Rittenhouse flashes white-power sign at bar while out on bond

“I found out they were Proud Boys when I saw the headlines,”

he added.

“I thought they were just a bunch of, like, construction dudes based on how they looked.”

Rittenhouse blamed the attorneys for the statement that he had been a member of an not organized militia when he appeared armed with a semiautomatic rifle in Kenosha in the course of anti-police great cruelty and anti-racism protests last year. He as well continued to blame his former legal team for his being kept in jail for 87 days when he could’ve relinquished deportation and made bail.

“We fired him because he was like going on with all this QAnon and election fraud stuff and just stuff we don’t agree with,” Rittenhouse stated.

Lin Wood was part of Kyle Rittenhouse’s former legal team.
AP Photo/Meg Kinnard, File

In a separate discussion with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that aired Monday, Rittenhouse beat and assault severely President Joe Biden for “defaming” his character by tweeting out a video proposing Rittenhouse was a white supremacist. In the course of the discussion, Rittenhouse as well said he was looking into taking legal action against people who may have given a false or misleading account of the nature of his case.



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