Phil Mickelson gets serious about ‘foolish and humiliating’ betting issue

Phil Mickelson gets serious about 'foolish and humiliating' betting issue

Phil Mickelson gets serious about ‘foolish and humiliating’ betting issue

Phil Mickelson has gotten serious about his “foolish and humiliating” betting propensities, which he says he has kicked.

As The Post’s Mark Cannizzaro previously revealed, Mickelson joined to play in the Saudi-upheld LIV Golf series, which dispatches this week in a competition outside London. The arrangement is valued at $200 million, as indicated by Golf Channel.

Mickelson did a meeting with Sports Illustrated’s Bob Harig, who inquired as to whether he took this action because of

“monetary hardships.”

“My betting arrived at a reason behind being wild and humiliating. I needed to address it. What’s more, I’ve been tending to it for various years. Also, for many long periods of treatment. I feel significantly better where I’m at there. My family and I are and have been monetarily secure for quite a while,”

Mickelson replied.

“Betting has been essential for my life as far as I can recollect. Be that as it may, about 10 years prior is the point at which I would agree that it became wild. It’s humiliating. I could do without that individuals know. The truth of the matter is I’ve been managing it for quite a while. Amy has been extremely steady of it and with me and the cycle. We’re at a spot after numerous years where I feel OK with where that is. It’s anything but a danger to me or my monetary security. It was only various unfortunate choices.”

Harig circled back to Mickelson, inquiring as to whether this implies he’s quit betting on golf training adjusts. Indirectly, Mickelson addressed that he has not.

“On the golf course, it’s creating competition,”

Mickelson said.

“But it’s the anxiety, the other things that come across with gambling off the course and addiction off the course that I really needed to address.’’

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