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Pete Davidson Vows To ‘Stay By’ Kim Kardashian No Matter What Kanye Says Or Does : He’s ‘Infatuated’

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. (MEGA)

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. (MEGA)

Pete Davidson ‘isn’t going anyplace’ in the midst of Kim Kardashian’s hostile separation with Kanye West and all of the dramatization has ‘just made them more grounded.’
Regardless of Kanye West’s affronts, dangers and virtual entertainment posts, Pete Davidson is staying put! A source near the humorist EXCLUSIVELY lets HollywoodLife know that he has “fallen hard” for Ye’s ex, Kim Kardashian and he has been certain to console her in the midst of the separation dramatization.

“Pete has told Kim inside and out that he is staying put, and he truly can’t muster the energy to care what Kanye does.”

the source shared.
Regardless, the rapper’s persistence has just supposedly united the couple.

“Scandalousness is the norm Kanye and he won’t allow Kim to move away. This entire adventure has just made them more grounded,”

our source, added,

“Pete will stay by her however long she will let him. He’s lovestruck.”

And that is great for the SKIMS organizer since it doesn’t seem like the “Gold Digger” will ease up at any point in the near future.

A subsequent source said Saturday Night Live entertainer’s not allowing Ye’s insights to stage him.

“Pete isn’t frightened of Kanye, he is extremely occupied with work and managing having an astonishing connection with Kim that is making his center stay away from Kanye,”

the source unveiled. Overlooking Kanye is no simple accomplishment all things considered.

Kim Kardashian’s Sexiest New Single Looks After Kanye West Split

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian walks arm-in-arm with Pete Davidson. (MEGA)

The Grammy Award-winning rapper has made it clear how he feels about Pete– or as he likes to call him, “Skete.” He has posted endless amounts of post slamming Pete from calling out his acting on SNL to leaking his texts. Pete had texted him seemingly to try to make peace and offered hope they could all hang out with the kids one day. But Ye instead shared the texts with the world and insisted Pete would never meet his kids. The most unnerving post may have been his music video for “Eazy” in which an animated version of himself drags Pete’s dead body and holds his decapitated head.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has reportedly been concerned that her ex-husbands behavior will scare Pete off.

“As confident a woman as Kim is, she’s still human and so she has her insecurities when it comes to relationships, just like everybody else,”

a separate source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. Fortunately, it seems that Kim has nothing to worry about.

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