Omicron fears: PM ‘blatantly’ broke rules over Christmas party – SNP Declares

PM 'blatantly' broke rules over Christmas party - SNP

PM ‘blatantly’ broke rules over Christmas party – SNP

We’re all the same on Christmas parties in PMQs, and the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford asserts the PM “blatantly” broke the rules during having a festive party in Downing Street last year.

He asks how people are believed to trust the prime minister.

Boris Johnson replies that Blackford is talking

“total nonsense”.

Blackford follows up by referring to leaked advice from scientists advising the government, which says the government’s strategy of asking travelers to take a test two days after they arrive would

“identify significantly fewer cases”

than extra tests on days five or eight.

Blackford asks if the PM will convene a four nations Cobra meeting to tighten travel restrictions.

Johnson doesn’t rightly answer the question, but says Blackford is

“simply wrong”

concerning the the steps the government took to stop Omicron spreading from abroad.

“This country was actually the first to respond,”

he says.

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