Meghan Markle edges Queen as ‘world’s most influential royal’, study declares

Meghan Markle is the most influential royal according to new research (Image: Getty Images)

Meghan Markle is the most influential royal according to new research (Image: Getty Images)

A survey of online traction by Design Bundles discovered that Meghan is flowing freely and abundantly in first place in-spite of having left the royal fold last year and now lives in California with Prince Harry.

Meghan may surprisingly be the most influential woman in the world declared a spokesperson for Design Bundles.

The data reveals that, 40-year-old Meghan enticed 7.4 million Google searches on average each month over the past year.

She has as well used in 10.4 million Instagram hashtags and has had 11,200 articles written concerning her, reported The Express.

The Queen remains extremely influential and popular according to the data ( Image: Getty Images)

A spokesperson for Design Bundles said: “Now, the Duchess of Sussex is likely the most talked-about and influential woman in the entire world, as well as in the Royal Family.

“Meghan, along with husband Prince Harry, has always rejected the royal tradition to bury one’s private opinions and present a united, idealized front to the world.

“Meghan’s bravery and boldness in speaking up about issues such as racism, parental leave and empowering women are unlike any other royal, and her voice is a powerful and enduring one.
“The Duchess of Sussex is deeply committed to alleviating world issues through her charity work, and despite no longer being a working royal, proves that her influence is positive and unchanging.”
At the rear of Meghan comes the Queen and she has triple the merged Instagram hashtags, Google searches and media mentions than the average member of The Firm.

Elizabeth came into view in 10.3 million Instagram hashtags, 3.3 million Google searches per month and 2,200 articles.

It indicates that in-spite of her age she remains a very respected world figure who is leading the Royal Family through a unstable period.

“The Queen is a global style icon herself, creating a popular trend with her habit of wearing exquisitely color blocked clothes, in bright, stand-out colors, so one can always locate her in a crowd,”

added the Design Bundles spokesperson.

Kate Middleton came out as the third most popular royal and the all-inclusive Queen of Instagram.

The Duchess of Cambridge featured in 13 million Instagram hashtags still her all-embracing online footprint was yet stunted in growth by Meghan.

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