‘mass casualty event’ At Travis Scott Astroworld Concert: At least 8 killed

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña says a "mass casualty incident" occurred at Travis Scott's Astroworld music festival on Nov. 5, 2021.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña says a “mass casualty incident” occurred at Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival on Nov. 5, 2021.

Not less than eight people died and a lot more were wounded when disorder and confusion, as well as a crowd crush, broke out in the course of opening night of rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival in Texas Friday, authorities disclosed.
Multitude of concertgoers at Houston’s NRG Park “began to compress” to the front of the stage at about 9:15 p.m., causing violent chaos and some people to get injured, Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña informed reporters early Saturday.

“People started to fall out, become unconscious and it created additional panic,” Peña declared in a press conference.

At about 9:38 p.m. Peña said a “mass casualty incident” was triggered as the number of victims increased and crisis responders became overpowered.

Also not less than 23 people were rushed to a hospital, together with a 10-year-old, authorities reported. Among those admitted, 11 were in cardiac arrest. About 300 people were attended to at a field hospital on the scene.

First responders tend to attendees at the Astroworld Festival. Instagram At least 23 people were taken to the hospital, 11 were in cardiac arrest. Instagram

Extremely shocking videos on social media revealed first responders carry out CPR on an unconscious person as the concert went on.

Second Video clip on social media showed someone being rushed out on gurneys.


For the eight confirmed fatalities, No cause of death was given, pending the medical examiner’s examination, Peña said. People whose loved ones were missing were asked to go to the local Wyndham Hotel while Police were working to identify the victims

“Nobody could dream of this… I think it’s important that no one speculates. We have none of the answers tonight,”

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said

The chief stated that authorities have “heard rumors of people injecting people with drugs” at the show.

Festival attendees rush one of the gates at NRG Park, the venue of Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival on Nov. 5, 2021. Twitter

An ambulance maneuvers through the Astroworld Festival crowd at NRG Park.Twitter

LiveNation, entertainment company which organized Astroworld, said it would allow investigators to assess footage from the show and Scott is cooperating with law-enforcement, Finner declared

Even as the chaos open out,

“the show was stopped when the crowd was surging,” the chief added.

“#ASTROWORLDFest can’t believe this is happening you’re supposed to feel safe at a music festival and make it back to tell how much fun you had but this is sickening,” someone posted on Twitter.

The Houston Fire Department said that it was attending to “multiple civilian injuries” at the concert immediately before 11 p.m. local time.

Hundreds of eager fans were seen knocking down barricades at entrance gates blowing past metal detectors and security guards, earlier in the day. And according to ABC13, none of those wounded in that instance seemed to be seriously injured,

The third installation of Astroworld’s 100,000 tickets sold out in an hour of going on sale in May. The event started in 2018 and was canceled in 2020 sequel to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Saturday’s concert was call off.


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