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Kanye West’s Disturbing Behavior Can’t Be ‘Saved’ Or Fixed By Black Women

Kanye West’s Disturbing Behavior Can’t Be ‘Saved’ Or Fixed By Black Women

People of color are not the solution for West’s mental and enthusiastic twisting, nor would it be a good idea for us we be considered America’s imperceptible and voiceless rescuer.
The dramatization between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the course of the most recent half a month has been similar to watching an auto collision – you need to turn away, yet you can’t resist the urge to watch. Albeit some could view Kanye’s cringy web-based media posts as engaging and simple grub for tattle blog content, others – such as myself – view his new conduct as profoundly upsetting and feel worried for all gatherings. While I might dare to dream that everybody in question observes the harmony and recuperating they want, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see the new popular post with regards to Kanye West requiring a Black lady to come to make all the difference.
Newsflash: Kanye needn’t bother with a Black lady; he really wants a therapist and emotional wellness consideration. Further, the media and others need to quit sustaining the solid Black lady rescuer figure of speech that is as destructive to Black ladies as it is totally false and unwarranted.
Except if you have been hiding away throughout the most recent two months, you have without a doubt found out about the disturbing continuous online media trade between reality star turned tycoon business visionary Kim Kardashian and hip-jump head honcho Kanye West. I’m a long way from a Kardashian fan, however we must be clear with regards to Ye’s upsetting jokes. Kanye West has shown oppressive conduct toward Kim and their youngsters – posting an attack of abuses and dangers toward his ex, all apparently for the sake of getting down on the media account that he feels has been designated against him and to


for his loved ones. He has likewise over and over compromised actual damage against Kim’s new playmate Pete Davidson and appears to be confined from reality about accommodating with Kardashian. However, through the entirety of the disfunction and Ye’s clear habitual and concerning conduct that could in all likelihood be connected to his conceded bipolar II determination, some vibe that the best tale for West’s pathology is a Black lady. Get out whatever?
As of late, an online media post circulated around the web, calling Black ladies to act the hero. Be that as it may, this isn’t the initial time Black ladies have been refered to as the suggested solution for Kanye’s mental and enthusiastic tension. During a 2018 meeting with The View, Snoop Dogg was requested his interpretation of Kanye West’s tirade about bondage being a decision, and Snoop remarked that West required a Black lady in his life.

“I began feeling miserable for him. He genuinely misses his mom; he really misses a person of color in his life,”

Snoop told the show’s board.
Apologies, Uncle Snoop, however Kanye didn’t really require a Black lady then, at that point, and he doesn’t require one at this point. A new popular post said all that needed to be said:
Kanye needn’t bother with a Black lady.
Kanye needs treatment, prescription, and moral obligation.
Individuals – Black ladies particularly – need to quit behaving like we are the fix to silliness.
We are not Tylenol.
We are individuals, and we merit accomplices who are sound and mature.
Yet, the unfortunate fixation to situate Black ladies as simply qualified to serve and save maybe ought to be of nothing unexpected thinking about that we have been utilized as the answer for a considerable lot of America’s cultural ills since the beginning of time. We have filled in as nursemaids to wealthy White ladies who were either unfit to create milk or were too occupied to even consider taking care of their nursing children. We have brought up kids that were not our own like they were own, gave care, sustaining, and love that a considerable lot of their White moms were badly ready to convey at that point. All the more significantly, Black ladies have filled in as pioneers and suspected pioneers.
People of color activists and change specialists like Maria W. Stewart, Harriet Purvis, and Sojourner Truth, assumed an instrumental part during the nineteenth and twentieth century in the Women’s Suffrage Movement – commitments that were to a great extent disregarded and neglected – with Black ladies walking independently from their White partners at testimonial processions. People of color have additionally supported a portion of the world’s most essential civil rights developments (e.g., Black Lives Matter), yet there is a rehashed example of not recognizing their significant and groundbreaking commitments. Last year, an hour ran a tale about racial predisposition in facial acknowledgment, at this point advantageously neglected to incorporate notices of the three Black ladies, Joy Buolamwini, Timnit Gebru, and Inioluwa Deborah Raji, who led the most fundamental exploration in the field. In July of 2021, the Confederate sculpture of Robert E. Lee was eliminated from Charlottesville, Virginia. 20-year-old understudy lobbyist Zyahna Bryant began the request that prompted the sculpture’s evacuation when she was just 15 years of age. In an opinion piece composed for Teen Vogue, Bryant shared,

“I have perused significantly more than one book and watched incalculable narratives regarding the political ramifications of the fall of these landmarks.”

Along these lines, we have additionally been approached for different demonstrations of asylum, like saving the Democratic coalition. During the 2016 Presidential political decision, Black ladies overpowering decided in favor of Hillary Clinton, which propagated a story that Black ladies can constantly be depended on to do the

“correct thing”

to save the country from the apparent disasters of the moderate Republican coalition – and all the more significantly – the grasp of Donald Trump. While numerous others decide to remain at home, Black ladies have consistently appeared – for quite a long time – to cast a ballot, coordinate and stand up. All things considered, we remain significantly underrepresented in holding powerful political seats or controlling strategies and assets around issues that most significantly influence Black ladies and the Black people group generally.
Dark and multiracial ladies have the most elevated workforce interest rate in the country among ladies. However, at every instructive level, Black ladies are gathered in lower-paying position than most different specialists. In 2017, the Status of Black Women in the United States report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research and the National Domestic Workers Alliance delivered that

“Individuals of color’s commitments to U.S. society and the economy have been underestimated and under-redressed.”

For instance, Black ladies acquire only 64 pennies to each dollar procured by White men. What’s more, Black ladies are over-represented in the help area, accomplishing pivotal work to really focus on kids, the old, and people with inabilities while acquiring low wages and getting not many advantages.
Basically, Black ladies have been approached and expected to protect America from annihilation consistently. As Candace Marie Benbow put it, we have been relied upon to cherish and uphold

“Individuals of color into the best forms of themselves, bring up cultivated and conscious kids, keep a home without imperfection or blemish, and secure a degree of societal position.”

All while rewarding our local area, outperforming our companions in instructive accomplishments, working with as a strong companion, sister, cousin, auntie, and girl, serving on the deaconess or usher board, supporting our family framework as the female authority – mind you, with clear skin, laid edges, a grabbed midsection, an apple rear, and a grin all over. According to what’s more as Benbow, If we dare fail and not meet any of

“these basic undertakings, we have hindered Black America 100 years.”

As a specialist and a school teacher who trains future advisors to enter the emotional wellness field, I completely comprehend and feel for the size of dysfunctional behavior. For this reason it is my most true expectation that Kanye West looks for the assistance he really needs. Notwithstanding, that help can’t be given exclusively by him dating or wedding a Black lady. Nor would it be a good idea for it be inferred that a Black lady, outside of an emotional well-being supplier, can really help West toward an excursion to mend. Doing as such just absolves him from responsibility for looking for care to address his conduct and sustains the legend that Black ladies ought to just be seen or heard to come to the guide of White individuals or to that of men, while large numbers of us keep on suffocating in our own injury without care or concern.

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