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Julia Fox wears skirt made from photographs of herself

Julia Fox knows how to make a fashion statement.Getty Images for Converse

Julia Fox knows how to make a fashion statement.Getty Images for Converse

Why bear everything to anyone who might be in the vicinity when you could wear your face on your skirt?

“Whole Gems” star Julia Fox presents topless in a midi skirt made from Polaroid photographs of herself in another video for Vogue Czechoslovakia.

Fox, 32, utilizes two of the photos to conceal on top, and when asked what she’s wearing, she shamelessly jests, “Myself.” She shakes high heels and only the selfie skirt in the steamy snaps.

In the Vogue video, Josh Safdie’s dream likewise presents in a gold hung texture dress with siphoned up hair and a red outfit. She’s seen glancing through the photos and in this manner choosing her ideal outfit.

Analysts rushed to think about Fox’s nervy “myself” remark to a now-popular TikTok video in which she made sense of that she did her mark smokey eye look (you got it) herself.

Fox, who split from Kanye West in February after his social media tirades, is infamous for her wild ensembles.

She stepped out in latex at Milan Fashion Week just like Kim Kardashiantouched tongues with Amelia Gray Hamlin with bleached eyebrows and went grocery shopping in underwear, denim boots and a pair of jeans as a purse.

julia fox in latex outfit
The former dominatrix loves wearing latex.
Getty Images

The former dominatrix also played muse to the brand Seks, most notably wearing a flame leather bikini top called the “Titty Smasher” ($450) paired with nine-inch platforms for a casual Los Angeles stroll.

julia fox in black outfit


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