I pioneered Afro-Fusion, hints at a possible collaboration album with Polo G – Burna Boy says

Burna Boy at Hollywood Bowl. (Spaceship)

Burna Boy at Hollywood Bowl. (Spaceship)

When Burna Boy was interviewed about the inhospitable of his teen, he says that it made him the artist that he is today. Grammy winning Nigerian superstar, Burna Boy, On October 9, 2021, featured on Home Grown Radio with Chuck Dizzle and DJ Hed.

During the discussion, Nigerian superstar himself, who is the first Nigerian artist to perform in an arena show this side of the millennium and sold out a whopping 17,000 tickets, disclosed his exploit and performance at the Hollywood Bowl, involving new ideas about Afro-fusion, winning a Grammy for Best World Music Album and lots more.

When Burna Boy was asked about the wildness of his teen years, he says that it made him into the artist that he really is today.

He continues,

“My genre of music that I started is called Afro-Fusion; which is like a fusion of Afrobeats with… I feel like Afro-Fusion was only able to come out of me because I experienced all these sounds and genres.”

While the interview was on-going, Burna Boy also shed light on his new single, ‘Want It All’ showing Polo G has a clean category. On the clean style, he says,

“Back in 09, I was feeling so low…”

When DJ Hed asked Burna Boy which artist would he love to do a collaboration album with, the Grammy award winner smile in an intelligent and quick-witted way and so did an unnamed woman in the background.

With this smile, he says,

“I don’t want to give you that… But you’re smart though.”

When DJ Hed tried to press the Port Harcourt indigene about the probability of a collaboration album with Polo G, he says that,

“I don’t know. I don’t even speak English… [laughs].”

Hed then jokes,

“So Polo G collab album coming soon.”

There has also been word of a likely Wizkid and Burna Boy collab album or EP round the block since Q4 2020.

But on the actual category, he sings that,

“Back in 09, I used to sell dope…”

Watch the full interview below;

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