Hours Before Deadly High-Speed Crash Henry Ruggs III Filmed Partying In Las Vegas

Discredited NFL star Henry Ruggs III was spotted partying in Las Vegas few hours before his fatally high-speed crash — subsequently yelling at cops and at the same time refusing to take clear-hardheadedness tests, as stated by reports.

The wide receiver’s old girlfriend, Kiara Kilgo-Washington — who was badly wounded in the crash that claimed 23-year-old motorist Tina Tintor — had uploaded footage of Ruggs at TopGolf shortly before the night.

The footage reveals her laughing lightly and repeatedly as Ruggs, in a black Adidas tracksuit, struggles to tee off at the resort — with the camera turning to reveal another friend at their table that was concealed in glasses.

The pair — who have a young daughter — were drinking mai tais at the resort, before departing to a friend’s house, the Las Vegas Review-Journal stated, quoting an impaired driving report prepared by police.

Former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III wearing a neck brace following his arrest on November 2, 2021. Clark County Detention Center via AP

NFL star Henry Ruggs III was seen partying and refusing a sobriety test in Las Vegas hours before plowing his vehicle into another and killing a woman and her dog.

Henry Ruggs’ girlfriend was seriously injured in the crash.

According to police, both Henry Riggs and his girlfriend were drinking mai tais at the resort, before leaving to go to a friend’s house. Facebook

Ruggs, 22, at that time drove his Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 156 mph on his way home just after 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, prosecutors stated — more than 110 mph beyond the speed limit.

He allegedly shut forcefully and loudly into Tintor’s Toyota RAV4 with such force that it burst into flames and spun out for nearly 520 feet, the Review-Journal stated.

Video secured revealing that Henry Ruggs was having issue teeing-off at a Top Gold in Las Vegas.
Video also revealed that Henry Ruggs was having trouble teeing off at TopGolf in Las Vegas.
A witness heard Tintor screaming in the fireball, which made it unfeasible to save her. She and her dog died.

Subsequent to the car crash, Ruggs hung out of the driver’s side of the Corvette, with his feet on the floorboard and “his body laying on the road,” as stated by the Review-Journal.

He declined to take part in a field clear-hardheadedness test, and yelled at cops who attempt to talk to him as he was treated for his wounds in a trauma unit at University Medical Center, the local paper declared.

Ruggs told officers to “get him out of here” and repeatedly shout aloud “No!” when they asked if he remembered what had happened, as stated by police report acquired by KLAS.

Ruggs “began mumbling,” as reported by an officer who narrated his speech as “not understandable” and his attitude as “unresponsive.”

He at that time attempted to tear the IVs out of his arm and “began to yell, ‘Get me the **** out of here,’” the report stated, as stated by KLAS.

“Ruggs continued to yell from his bed and refused to listen to hospital staff and yelled they were not doing anything for him.”

A judge later officially accepted a warrant for a blood draw, which showed Ruggs’ blood-alcohol level was 0.161 — twice the legal limit.

The marauders released the former first-round NFL draft pick late Tuesday.

Ruggs was yet in a neck brace as he was pushed in a wheelchair into his first court appearance Wednesday on awaiting felony charges of driving under the effect of alcohol resulting in death and careless driving.

There, he faced Tintor’s relatives for the first time.

Henry Ruggs was dropped by the Raiders mere hours before his first court appearance.

Henry Ruggs III and his girlfriend Kiara Washington prior to the fatal crash that killed a 23-year-old.

Henry Ruggs was seen partying at TopGolf in Las Vegas where he was twice the legal alcohol limit. Facebook

Tina Tintor was killed when Henry Ruggs’ vehicle slammed into her car going 156 mph. Facebook

“The family’s torn apart, as anybody would be,”

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson informed the Review-Journal after the hearing.

“This was a terrible, terrible collision, so they’re mourning their loss. They’re grieving. They’re mad.”


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