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Harry and Meghan at last got what they merit — an ensemble of imperially uproarious boos

Harry and Meghan at last got what they merit — an ensemble of imperially uproarious boos

Harry and Meghan at last got what they merit — an ensemble of imperially uproarious boos

At long last, Harry and Meghan got what they merit: boos!

That self-satisfied grin, finally, has been cleared off Meghan’s face. Real tears, not her typical crocodile assortment, gushed. She was apparently scared.

Checks out. Like every dangerous egomaniac, Meghan is just equipped for feeling frustrated about herself. In case we fail to remember Meghan, the terrific duchess, remaining among devastated, starving African kids and fussing — to a transmission questioner! — “Relatively few individuals have inquired as to whether I’m OK.”

May I be among quick to inquire: So, Meghan, how are you feeling now?

Following two years of blaming the British regal family for all that from wishing Meghan would commit suicide to being bigoted toward her unborn child to being kept exacting detainee by imperial staff members to blaming Kate Middleton for making Meghan cry — while marking themselves as eco-fighter compassionate emotional wellness specialists, maxim, no doubt, “Be caring” — these two get their just reward.

It’s choice.

Turns out the royals know a piece about psychological wellness and controllers themselves, since they’ve sent the main strategy that works: the dim stone. It’s like managing babies having fits — you simply disregard, overlook, overlook until they tire themselves out.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle deserved the boos at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee for all their shenanigans.

The royals have played the long game, brilliantly putting the Sussexes in a no-win situation: Decline their invite and look mean, petty and vengeful, slighting the ailing queen on her historic jubilee. Accept and get the coldest of shoulders before an audience of billions.

Get the message now, kids?

How gratifying to see H&M shuffled off to the cheap seats in the second row, across the aisle from Charles and Camilla, William and Kate, none of whom cast a glance their way. How elegantly the BRF has slid in the knife: no official portraits with the queen, no appearance on the balcony, no access to any royals of consequence in public.

The message is as clear as Meghan’s blood diamonds — you know, the ones the Duchess of Woke wore, a gift from MBS after the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. (Bygones!)

Queen Elizabeth II smiles on the balcony during Trooping The Colour on June 02, 2022 in London, England.
Queen Elizabeth II at one of the jubilee events Thursday.
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Harry and Meghan are royals now in name only.

Hey, they always said they just wanted to be regular people, right?

H&M weren’t even in attendance at the buffet luncheon after Friday’s service. Will and Kate were, though.

Instead, those two slunk off to Frogmore Cottage, that dump they spent millions in taxpayer funds renovating before fleeing to Montecito.

One can imagine Harry and Meghan frantically doom-scrolling through their media coverage while drowning their sorrows in kale juice and victimhood, plotting how they might commodify this latest injustice.

After all, they’ll need the money. Charles stopped paying the bills over a year ago. Spotify isn’t happy. Neither is Netflix. George Clooney, Oprah — even Gayle won’t take their calls.

Even worse, this jubilee weekend was supposed to give Harry tons of material for his big tell-all memoir. All he’s going home with is a sad view from the second row.

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