‘GO F-K YOURSELF’: ‘Vagrant house’ occupant blows pot smoke in NYC councilwoman’s face

'GO F-K YOURSELF': 'Vagrant house' occupant blows pot smoke in NYC councilwoman's face

‘GO F-K YOURSELF’: ‘Vagrant house’ occupant blows pot smoke in NYC councilwoman’s face

A city councilwoman furiously defied a man leaving what she called a “known vagrant house” in her locale — just to have him revile her out and blow pot smoke in front of her, as per a video cut she posted on the web.

“This won’t remain on my watch,” Councilwoman Vickie Paladino (R-Queens) smoldered Monday on Twitter.

“Property holders have privileges and our areas merit better. More activity coming.”

The 1-minute, 38-second recording shows Paladino remaining on the walkway and holding her cellphone as the unidentified man retreated from a carport in a burgundy car with the windows open.

“Might I at any point assist you with something?”

he inquired.

“Definitely, this is a shame,”

Paladino expressed, pointing at the house.

After he answered, “Is that right? Go f-k yourself,” she answered in kind, telling the man,

“Go f-k yourself. How’s that?”

“Alright,” he said prior to puffing on what gave off an impression of being an enormous joint and breathing out a haze of smoke.

Paladino asked him to stop smoking out in the open.
The squatter blew smoke into Paladino’s face and cursed her out.

After they exchanged sarcastic remarks, the man got out of the car, holding his own phone and tugging up his shorts as he approached Paladino.

“Why don’t you do me a favor and get the f–k over there? Because this is mine,”

he said while gesturing at the ground.

Paladino, standing with her chin up, said,

“I’m an elected official.”

“I don’t give a f–k who you are. You’re still over here. Go the fuck over there,”

the man said.

When Paladino stepped back, the man stuck the joint back between his lips and turned around, prompting Paladino to demand,

“Whattaya got in your mouth?”

At that point, he turned to face Paladino, took a deep drag and stepped forward while exhaling a stream of smoke at her.

“Weed,” the man answered.

He man insisted he could because weed is legalized.
Vicki Paladino confronted a man who blew smoke in her face.

The man then blew another cloud of smoke at an unidentified woman who shot the scene and responded by saying,


“It’s legal. What’s disgusting? Go f–k yourself,”

the man said.

As of Tuesday evening, the recording had racked up nearly 100,000 views and more than 1,700 “likes.”

She attempted to use her ethos to make him stop his behavior.
The man said he did not care that Paladino is an elected official.

In her tweet, Paladino described the man’s dilapidated home as

“a known squatter house in my district at 20th Ave and 146th street in College Point.”

The Department of Buildings said Wednesday that it’s located at 146-26 20th Road and was subject to a partial vacate order that was issued Sunday and prohibits anyone from occupying the second floor due to cracks and holes in the roof.

Property records show it’s owned by Wells Fargo Bank, which took possession through foreclosure in December 2020.

Wells Fargo didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment and the man couldn’t be reached.

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