‘FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL’: Astroworld Attendees Discloses More Frightening And Horrific Details Of Travis Scott Concert

One fan called the Astroworld concert “a fight for survival.” Omar Vega/FilmMagic

Omar Vega/FilmMagic

More acutely distressing stories from Travis Scott’s fatally Astroworld concert have clearly emerged — as fans kept remembering how they thought the end has suddenly come and one calling the concert “a fight for survival.”

Jeffrey Schmidt, who was at the Houston show with his best friend Casey Wagner, disclosed to CNN he recalls how it became continually increasingly difficult to breathe as the 30-minute timer onstage began counting down.

“Me and Casey decided to try our best to make our way out of the crowd slowly. Little did we know, all hell was about to break loose. People started to pass out and fall to the ground,”

Schmidt declared to the network.

“Casey, I and other crowd members tried to hold back the crowd from trampling over them. But the force of the crowd was too powerful, and people started to topple on top of them including Casey and I,” he also added.

The two friends shortly became separated when they got stuck under piles of bodies amid the 50,000 concertgoers — eight of whom died in the melee.

“At that moment, my mind went into full survival mode. All I could hear was people screaming and crying for help,” Schmidt revealed CNN.


“I lost all hope and thought I was going to die right there because I could not get my legs out. I fought for my life.

“I thought I was never going to see my best friend again, life did not feel real,” he stated further.

Jeffrey Schmidt and Casey Wagner were separated when they got stuck under piles of bodies among the 50,000 concertgoers.
Jeffrey Schmidt

Schmidt at the end struggled to escape the death trap and sought help from law enforcement officers, still he informed the outlet that they at first did not take him seriously.

Niaara Goods was at the concert when the crowd suddenly surged toward the stage.
Niaara Goods/@niaarasworld via AP

“I witnessed multiple people unconscious and unable to breathe, as people under me were crying for my help. But I physically could not help,” he said stated.


“That is what traumatized me the most, that I could not help the people around me. I felt heartbroken for them and their families.”

Schmidt, who in the end reunited with Wagner, also said:

“This was not a concert, this was a fight for survival.”

Additional concertgoer, who was attending her first music festival, as well narrated how she managed to breathe amid the streaming crowd and thought she was about to die.

TK Tellez had been standing next to the stage when the crowd got rowdy.
Daniela Tellez

“I fell backwards and it felt like it was the end for me. To think that’s how I’ll die, I was so scared,” Selena Beltran revealed to CNN. “I did not know what to do. It was all happening so fast, but so slow and I couldn’t react. I just screamed.”

She said she attempted to assist several people by taking turns performing CPR on them with a nurse she met at the scene.

“I was beginning to go into shock, although I was trying to keep my composure and not panic. It was terrifying. I felt like it was a nightmare,” she said. “I looked around and just saw people stare and others continuing to enjoy themselves as if these people meant nothing.”

The crowd seen falling over each other amid the chaos at the Astroworld concert.

Ariel and Shawn Little attended the concert-turned-disaster.
Shawn Little via AP

Nasser, who works as a DJ, revealed he shouted at members of the crew to tell Scott to stop the festival, yet said there weren’t adequate staffers to handle the situation.

“There wasn’t enough security guards and there wasn’t enough EMTs and people helping out the crowd. The paramedics couldn’t even reach the crowd,” he said.

In the mean time, Brianna Rodriguez, the aunt of Houston high school student 16, who was one of the eight people who died in the calamity, attacked Scott’s team, saying they should have canceled the event earlier in the day after people jump over barriers.

Madeline Eskins shared her experience at the Astroworld festival with CNN.

Iris Rodriguez, 38, reported to The US Sun that Brianna’s “devastated” parents, Ester and Osvaldo, can’t believe the fact that they lost their “princess,” who left behind two siblings, Xzavier, 10, and Gisselle, 13.

“We don’t know exactly what happened, what caused her death. We are waiting for the autopsy results,” Rodriguez declared to the news outlet.

“We were told that once she was in the ambulance, she didn’t have any pulse. But they tried to bring her back and in the hospital. They tried to do everything they could,” she further said.

Bryanna Morales says she was knocked down twice and injured her foot during the concert.
Thomas Shea/AFP via Getty Images

Rodriguez stated she doesn’t want to directly blame Scott for Brianna’s death.

“He’s a father, you know. I would never want anything like this to happen to his babies,” she declared to The US Sun.

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