Ex of killed Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan enlists criminal protection legal counselor

Jared Bridegan leaves behind four children -- two with his current wife and two from a prior marriage.

Jared Bridegan leaves behind four children — two with his current wife and two from a prior marriage.

The ex of a Microsoft chief who was killed before his 2-year-old little girl in Florida prior this year has recruited a criminal protection lawyer, as per reports.

Jared Bridegan, 33, was lethally shot in a “designated” killing in the wake of dropping his twins off at the home of their mom, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez, in a tranquil Jacksonville area in February, police said.

The computer programmer was getting back to his home in St. Augustine subsequent to going out to supper with the twins and his little girl Bexley, who he imparts to his subsequent spouse, Kirsten Bridegan.

Jared Bridegan was seen as dead close to his SUV with numerous slug wounds with Bexley actually tied into her vehicle seat.

The vehicle had its crisis lights blazing when officials showed up and there was an extra tire in the road. Criminal investigators said those conditions proposed that Bridegan might have been tricked to his demise.

As per police, Bexley was in the vehicle for three entire minutes close to her dad’s dead body before a bystander who halted at the scene hauled her out, as per Fox News. Kirsten Bridegan, 30, was at home with several’s 7-month-old girl, London.

After four months, Jacksonville police have not named any suspects in the killing.

As police keep on examining, Gardner-Fernandez, and her new spouse, Mario Fernandez, have held the administrations of unmistakable criminal safeguard lawyer Henry Coxe III, Fox News announced.

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez was the second wife of Jared Bridegan.
Shanna Gardner-Fernandez was the first wife of Jared Bridegan. 
Family Handout

Coxe told the outlet that the couple had hired him

“for the purpose of seeing if steps could be taken to protect her young twins from any publicity surrounding this tragic event.”

“As for any other reason for the family to have or need counsel, whether it be myself or anyone else, there is none,”

he added.

Coxe’s office did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Garrdner-Fernandez and Jared Bridegan had been embroiled in a bitter legal feud for years since their divorce in 2015.

According to Fox, she grew up in an affluent Mormon community in Alpine, Utah. She is the daughter of Sterling and Shelli Gardner, who founded  Stampin’ Up!, a paper crafts company based in Salt Lake City with a yearly revenue of over $100 million.

She met Bridegan in 2009 while visiting a friend in Jacksonville and the two tied the knot in an extravagant ceremony at the Salt Lake City Temple in 2010.

A friend told Fox News the newlyweds purchased an $800,000 home near her parents in Highland, Utah and each drove a Mercedes although neither one had a job at the time. They were living off a monthly stipend of $8,500 and a business loan of $100,000 from the Gardners.

Gardner-Fernandez gave birth to twins — a boy and a girl. The boy was diagnosed with a heart condition, pulmonary hypertension. Doctors said he needed to live at sea-level for his heart to work correctly, forcing the family to move to Connecticut.

Jared Bridegan was shot dead in front of his 2-year-old daughter.
Jared Bridegan was shot dead in front of his 2-year-old daughter.
Jacksonville Beach Police Department

According to the couple’s friend, the marriage quickly began to fall apart. She became frustrated with her husband, who had gained weight and was focused on starting a new business, the friend said.

Bridegan persuaded his wife to move back to his hometown of Jacksonville as he pursued his Masters degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

The two bought another $800,000 home in Ponte Vedra Beach as they tried for a fresh start, Fox reported. Gardner-Fernandez reportedly strayed from her faith while Bridegan remained a devout LDS churchgoer.

The relationship ended after Bridegan found emails revealing his wife was having an affair with her Crossfit personal trainer, sources told the outlet. When he confronted her she told him she didn’t love him anymore, the sources said.

Gardner-Fernandez filed for divorce in February 2015, calling the union

“irretrievably broken.”

She bluntly told the court,

“We don’t love each other anymore.”

The situation continued to spiral as both fought for primary custody of the twins and for exclusive occupancy of the Jacksonville home where they both still lived together.

She accused Bridegan of threatening to withdraw money from the children’s trust funds for his own use, and he claimed that she was spying on him by hiding baby monitors throughout the house and putting a tracking device on his car.

In an email to his lawyer obtained by Fox News, Bridegan further alleged she had installed a lock on the master bedroom, to which he had no key, and claimed she had placed a voice-activated recorder in the house.

Jared Bridegan wed Kirsten for his second marriage.
Jared Bridegan wed Kirsten for his second marriage.
Family Handout

He additionally accused Gardner-Fernandez of lying about her financial forms and in reality had no income.

While both Bridegan and Gardner -Fernandez remarried, their ugly legal battles continued for the next six years.

“It was difficult to watch Jared go through constant court battles when all he wanted was to focus on being the best husband and father he could be,”

Kirsten Bridegan told Fox.

In 2019, Gardner-Fernandez claimed Bridegan had been

“interrogating the minor children and recording their statements,”

and was threatening to use the statements against her.

In June 2021, she accused her ex-husband for not letting her borrow a small breathing machine for their son, which he required at high altitudes, Fox reported. She had possession of a bulkier machine that was inconvenient for travel.

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“The father apparently considers his vindictiveness toward the mother more important than protecting his son’s health and life,”

her attorney wrote, in a motion. She said Bridegan was

“more concerned with humiliating the mother than he is in making sure his own child does not die.”

Four months before Bridegan’s murder, a judge ruled that he pay her $571 and give her exclusive use of the smaller machine.

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