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Eric Adams parties into the extremely early times with Jennifer Lopez and reality stars

Mayor Eric Adams mingled with French Montana, Jennifer Lopez and the Gorgas.Getty Images

Mayor Eric Adams mingled with French Montana, Jennifer Lopez and the Gorgas.Getty Images

New York City chairman Eric Adams proceeded with converses with high-positioning reality stars Wednesday night.

Page Six detailed that on a new excursion to L.A., the city chairman celebrated with Paris Hilton. Presently we hear he’s been fraternizing with “Housewives” also.

We’re informed the nightlife city hall leader — who appears to invest probably as much energy painting the town as overseeing it — got off a departure from DC and went straightforwardly to a personal all-nighter for Jennifer Lopez’s new film, “Halftime,” showing up soon after 12 PM.

As indicated by spies, Adams talked to Lopez for around five minutes at the “loved ones” late-night supper at new Midtown café Avra, and afterward he visited up

“Genuine Housewives of New Jersey”

stars Melissa and Joe Gorga.

Rapper French Montana, Ryan Seacrest and “a truly tall hot lady” — probably sweetheart Aubrey Paige — were likewise at the slam.

French Montana and Eric Adams
Hizzoner was attending an afterparty for Lopez’s new movie.
Getty Images

Apparently Hizzoner was still having a ball when J.Lo left around 1:30 a.m., and we’re told that the singer stopped by his table to say goodbye.

The mayor was slated to speak before the premiere, we’re told, but his flight from the capitol — where he had been speaking with lawmakers about gun violence — was delayed.

Meanwhile, earlier at the screening of the documentary — which covers Lopez’s 2020 Super Bowl halftime performance and opened the Tribeca Festival — fashion folk were surprised to see Anna Wintour in an uncommonly low-maintenance moment, sitting on the stairs in the lobby before the movie began.

Jennifer Lopez
Earlier in the night, Lopez missed a call from boyfriend Ben Affleck as she walked the carpet of her premiere.
AFP via Getty Images

Another spy was amused to notice that Lopez’s on-again love Ben Affleck called the superstar while she was walking the red carpet.

“I saw it pop up on her phone,”

they said,

“She didn’t answer because she was taking photos and doing interviews.”

And under what name is his number saved in her phone? Benny, Bae, Finance 3/6, Gigli? Nope.

“Ben Affleck.”

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