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Denise Van Outen’s rollercoaster love life – from pop terrible young men to Hollywood entertainers

Denise van Outen and Eddie Boxshall split after seven years at the start of the year

Denise van Outen and Eddie Boxshall split after seven years at the start of the year

As Denise Van Outen resumes life as a solitary lady, following her split from life partner Eddie Boxshall, we investigate her past sentiments – incorporating flings with Hollywood entertainers and her commitment to a global pop star
As one of the country’s greatest superstars, Denise Van Outen ‘s love life has worked out in the public eye throughout the long term.

Recently, the mum-of-one, 47, got serious about canceling her wedding to Eddie Boxshall.

Following quite a while of misfortune, it seemed Denise had at last met her coordinate with the items merchant, who featured close by her on Gogglebox.

Nonetheless, Denise was left visually impaired located in the midst of charges Eddie had been informing different ladies.

Drilling down into her choice to end her commitment, Denise told Radio 2 audience members:

“The one thing I’m truly glad for myself for is I really do know when to leave and I prefer not to be exploited.”

The star was said to have enjoyed a brief relationship with actor Nick Moran ( Image: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Yet again as the Celebrity Gogglebox star appreciates life as a solitary lady, we investigate a portion of the huge loves of her life since she rose to popularity during the 90s.

Jay Kay
Denise’s first large relationship at the center of attention came in the last part of the 90s, when the then Big Breakfast moderator hit up a sentiment with one of the world’s greatest popstars, Jay Kay.

The TV character dated the Jamiroquai frontman from 1998 until they headed out in different directions in 2001, severing their commitment only months before they were because of seal the deal.

The two stars were one of the big celebrity couples of the late 90s ( Image: Daily Mirror)

Talking before their split, Jay, 52, apparently indicated the pair battled to set aside the opportunity to hang out because of their rushed plans for getting work done.

“On the off chance that Denise and I get to burn through five days together it’s a reward. We barely get to see each other on account of our timetables,”

he made sense of.

“We might go out sometimes and when we do we generally get perceived. Certain individuals notice Denise and don’t know who I am.”

Following their split, Denise asserted she and the Cosmic Girl artist were as yet based on great conditions, telling the Mirror: “Jay and I are still truly old buddies and individuals are conjecturing such a huge amount about why we separated.

“The explanation was business related however we’re as yet both blissful nevertheless addressing one another.


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