Delayed polls: US threatens Somalia sanctions

Somalia's indirect elections have been marred by delays

Somalia’s indirect elections have been marred by delays

The US State Department has cautioned Somali leaders against further slowdown to the indirect parliamentary elections and pressurized to impose singled out sanctions, including visa limitations.

The US asked the Somali leaders to stick to the new election timetable and conclude the parliamentary election by 25 February.

This date was concluded after some days of meetings in Mogadishu between the Somali prime minister and leaders of regional administrations.

“We call on all of Somalia’s national and federal member state leaders to adhere to the newly agreed timeline and correct the procedural irregularities,” the US State Department said in a press statement.

The indirect parliamentary elections commenced in November and were assumed to end by 24 December even so have been impaired by delays due to controversies.

Just a few dozen of the 275 seats in the lower house have been filled so far.


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