Deadly DUI Crash: Video Shows Henry Ruggs III Laughing While Speeding Year Before Fatal DUI Crash

Henry Ruggs’ girlfriend was seriously injured in the crash.

The video clip was posted to Kilgo-Washington’s YouTube channel in September last year.

Ruggs seemed to be driving the same Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that he crashed Tuesday morning — after authorities revealed he sped up to 156 mph before crashing into another driver, Tina Tintor, 23, killing her and her dog.

During the crash, Henry Ruggs’ blood alcohol content was twice the state’s legal limit of .08. Getty Images

Ruggs’ blood alcohol quantity was double the state’s legal permit limit of .08, prosecutors stated.

After the crash, Ruggs was filmed being held gently by Washington on the ground next to his violently collided Stingray — with Tintor’s Toyota RAV4 in flames nearby.

The video has since been removed from her YouTube channel. YouTube / The RUPrint

The Clip from September 2020 was titled “Wild Out Wednesdays” and revealed Ruggs teasing his longtime girlfriend, whose name is Rudy Washington, Since she looked “scared” as he ran full speed through the streets.

She repeatedly asked him to “slow down!” and dropped her phone when the car rocketed forward, begging the athlete to

“take me back to the house.”

“Don’t try stuff with me in here,” she told him, again telling him, “Take me back to the house.”

In the September 2020 video recorded by Washington and posted on her YouTube channel, The RUPrint, Ruggs laughs as he revs the engine of his car. YouTube / The RUPrint

Eventually, after this week’s smash, Washington experienced pain and a “significant” wrist injury and at the same time the NFL star also had leg injuries, the Review-Journal said.

Ruggs’ girlfriend, Kiara Kilgo-Washington, begged him to slow down while he was speeding a year ago.
YouTube / The RUPrint

Ruggs was yet in a neck brace as he was pushed in a wheelchair to his first court appearance Wednesday on pending felony charges of driving under the control of alcohol leading to death and careless driving. He wasn’t told to enter a plea.

David Chesnoff, His defense attorney, told the court that Ruggs was

“a young man who has never been in trouble before. From what we understand, never a traffic violation.”

Although, the local paper observed that the Nevada Highway Patrol issued Ruggs two traffic quotations on April 29, for using a cellphone while driving and also for driving with an Alabama-issued license for over a year.

He paid a $428 fine, as stated by the records. He yet had an Alabama driver’s license during Tuesday’s crash, the paper revealed, quoting police reports.

Tina Tintor was killed in the crash. Facebook

He was cut by the marauder late Tuesday, few hours after the smash-up.

Tintor had been walking her dog and was driving home, which is just a few miles from Ruggs’ $1.1 million mansion, when she died.

The family declared in a statement.

“Tina’s tragic loss has devastated her family beyond a grief they could ever comprehend,”


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