COVID Tests: ‘Out in the cold’ as LaGuardia fliers wait hours in bitterly cold temperatures with kids

COVID tests: Out in the cold as LaGuardia fliers wait hours in bitterly cold temperatures with kids

COVID tests: Out in the cold as LaGuardia fliers wait hours in bitterly cold temperatures with kids

This is chilly.

Several LaGuardia Airport travelers are missing flight following flight although waiting in the chilling cold — with their kids — for COVID-19 tests.

“My youngest, she has to get tested, and the line was very long — five hours or so — so we missed the flight yesterday,”

complained Silke Hansel, who has been attempting to get home to Austria for two days, to The Post on Monday.

The mother of three’s youngest daughter, Denise, 8, barely has one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, therefore the family could not board their joining US flight Sunday till she took a PCR test to prove she’s negative for the virus.

Hansel stated she was told by their airline to precisely get Denise tested at LaGuardia the day they were to commence flying home to Vocklaburck. Still following getting stuck waiting for a test so long there Sunday that they missed their flight, they booked an 11:45 a.m. trip Monday, just to have to postpone again because of the lines.

The Hansel family took turns standing in the long COVID testing line.
James Messerschmidt for NY Post

Eight-year-old Nadine and sister Yvonne took turns switching places with their mother outside in the cold to be tested for COVID.
James Messerschmidt for NY Post

They were still standing by Monday afternoon to get Denise’s tested at the airport’s site — a city van in a parking lot outside Terminal B.

“It is so cold we take turns, share all the jackets,”

Hansel lamented.

“My 15-year-old is wearing our three jackets.

“It is four hours on line so far. … Now we try to rebook, but it is complicated because the flight must connect in Charlotte, [NC].
“I’m getting sick, standing out here for hours.”

As PCR tests normally take a few days for the results to come back, Hansel declared she thought the procedure of leaving New York City would be as simple as it was when the family left Austria: a quick test at the airport, with the results coming back in 20 minutes.

The increasing suddenly corona virus variant Omicron has mandated many countries, as well as the US, to regenerate travel limitations, with international fliers to and from a slew of nations required to show evidence of vaccination or a negative PCR test prior to boarding a plane.

Some travelers took PCR tests days before their flights, but the results still weren’t ready in time to save them from the airport’s line testing lines.
James Messerschmidt for NY Post

Some travelers were forced to reschedule flights because the lines to be tested for COVID were so long. James Messerschmidt for NY Post


Travelers are plagued by covid testing requirements, long line wait times and rebooking flights at LGA.
James Messerschmidt for NY Post

“It’s crazy,”

said Noya Aguicoch, 44, who missed her connecting flight although headed to Ecuador as she stood on the airport line for hours in the cold Monday to get tested.

“They need to bring us inside, at least the little kids. It is freezing here.”

Aguicoch revealed she got a PCR test in Jackson Heights, Queens, on Thursday — anticipating the results in the quintessential three days.

“Last week, I wait in two lines, one for appointment, one for test. I get test Thursday but no results in time. They said, ‘Sorry, busy. Take five days,’ ”

Aguicoch recalled.

Nevertheless she went to the airport anyway Monday, waiting for second test at the same time anticipating she could somehow still fly out.

She said she is currently booked for a flight home to her two kids — next Monday.

Travelers inside Terminal B were forced to rebook their flights.
James Messerschmidt for NY Post

For now, a financial adviser from Canada, Aneita Mason, was stuck on the airport’s testing line Monday with her 5-year-old daughter following missing their flight to Alberta on Sunday due to the wait.

Mason said she took a PCR test Thursday on Jamaica Avenue, still the results weren’t ready yet. notwithstanding like Aguicoch, she and her daughter went to LaGuardia, expecting another test in time to make their flight.

“We are from Canada, so I can take [the freeze], but she is saying, ‘I’m cold, I’m tired, I have to pee,’ ”

said Mason, 31, of her little girl.

“I’ve been asking people behind me to hold my place when I have to take her inside.”

The pair’s flight has now been re-booked for Tuesday — yet it isn’t likely they’ll be on it.

“Now I understand I will likely need to rebook again because these results will take a few days,” she said. “This is tough.”





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