Courageous UNTIL THE END: Defiant Ukrainian boundary watches killed subsequent to telling Russian warship to ‘go f-k yourself’

Ukrainian border guards boldly stood in their position after being threatened by an invading Russian warship. COPSURE/Twitter; Getty Images/im

Ukrainian boundary watches shielding a Black Sea island insubordinately told an attacking Russian warship to “go f-k yourself” when requested to give up and were killed when the warship started shooting.
The 13 gatekeepers were posted on the little yet essential Snake Island off Ukraine’s southeastern boundary when they were drawn nearer by two vessels on Thursday, as per Ukrainian news sources.

The Russians reached the watchmen and recognized themselves as a

“Russian Warship,”

requesting that the Ukrainians give up or, in all likelihood they would start shooting as per sound of the trade.

“This is a Russian warship, I rehash. I propose you give up your weapons and give in any other way I will start shooting. Do you duplicate?”

The Russians told the line watches.

final words for a few extraordinarily valiant ukrainians

– ian bremmer (@ianbremmer) February 25, 2022
Ukrainian fighter sent on Snake Island live streamed the second a Russian warship started shooting at the Island.

13 troopers kicked the bucket in the assault.

– C O U P S U R E (@COUPSURE) February 24, 2022
“This is it,” one of the Ukrainian watchmen can be heard saying in the clasp.

“Would it be a good idea for me I advise him to go f-k himself?”

he seems to ask a friend Russian powers have sent off attacks across different fronts and urban communities in Ukraine.

Russian forces have launched assaults across multiple fronts and cities in Ukraine.
NY Post Illustration

“For good measure,”

another watchman answers.

The watchman then, at that point, increases the volume on his comms and gruffly answers,

“Russian warship, go f-k yourself.”

The Russians then, at that point, purportedly assaulted the 42-section of land island with barreled firearms from the warship. They then, at that point, besieged the island with airplane.

Video obviously taken by one of the watchmen killed during the assault shows the watchman outside, wearing a tactical cap. He can be listened to shouting and hitting the ground as clearly gunfire emitted.
Each of the gatekeepers were killed, authorities said.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday that the 13 boundary gatekeepers will get a post mortem Hero of Ukraine decoration for “chivalrously” safeguarding the island.

“On our Zmiinyi Island, shielding it to the last, all the boundary monitors kicked the bucket chivalrously,”

Zelensky said.

“In any case, [they] didn’t surrender.”

“May the memory of the individuals who gave their daily routines for Ukraine experience everlastingly,”

he said.

By late Thursday night, Ukraine’s state line administration lost all correspondence with the gatekeepers. The island is accepted to now be involved by Russian powers.

Possession island has been fervently questioned in the past among Ukraine and Romania.


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