CHAOTIC VIOLENCE: ‘Catastrophic’ Rams fans take over downtown LA following Super Bowl win

CHAOTIC VIOLENCE: ‘Catastrophic’ Rams fans take over downtown LA following Super Bowl win

I’m at eleventh and Hope in midtown L.A. in a space LAPD have cordoned off.
Individuals are letting off firecrackers.

Police on bullhorns announced an unlawful gathering on an amplifier from a truck and told individuals they had 10 minutes to leave.

– Kevin Rector (@kevrector) February 14, 2022
The LAPD announced an unlawful get together Sunday night later “vicious and disastrous” Los Angeles Rams fans unleashed destruction in midtown roads following the group’s Super Bowl triumph over the Cincinnati Bengals.

The festival turned turbulent close eleventh and Hope roads when fans lit firecrackers inside a city transport and decorated the outside with spray painting, as indicated by Los Angeles Times correspondent Kevin Rector.

In one more wild scene caught on camera, many fans celebrate in stop traffic as some bounce onto the top of a yellow taxi.

One of the men even whacked the taxi’s rooftop with an orange development cone prior to jumping off, as indicated by the recording posted by Fox LA anchor Marla Tellez.

“We are seeing rough and horrendous conduct by enormous groups in the core of the Downtown LA region,”

the LAPD composed on twitter.

“We have given a few dispersal arranges and have an enormous police presence. Everybody that is important for those swarms, submit to all dispersal orders and clear the roads right away.”

Individuals are presently splashing “Rams” on a Silver Line Metro transport (with travelers in it) moving south on Grand Avenue

– Jeong Park 박종찬 (@JeongPark52) February 14, 2022
LAPD scattering swarms in midtown LA and afterward this:

– MarlaTellez (@MarlaTellez) February 14, 2022
The transport’s electric message (doubtlessly customized before the game?) peruses, discontinuously,

“Go Rams!”

Individuals are posturing for pictures.

– Kevin Rector (@kevrector) February 14, 2022
Following requests to scatter, a LAPD commander lets me know they will be attempting to move the group past our area downtown. Officials say individuals are tossing objects at them, and there loads of firecrackers. They have “clash lines” to coordinate the group where they need them. @Newsy

– Clayton Sandell (@Clayton_Sandell) February 14, 2022
At a certain point, officials discharged shots to attempt to scatter the boisterous group, as indicated by video shot by Rector.

Across town in East Los Angeles, an individual was shot during a Super Bowl festivity, CBS LA announced. The casualty’s condition was obscure.

The LAPD didn’t quickly declare any captures coming from the uncontrollable fan conduct.



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