Behold Yemen the children frequently tormented by ‘ghosts’ of war

Yemen: The children haunted by 'ghosts' of war

Yemen: The children haunted by ‘ghosts’ of war

In Yemen, the Houthi rebels are thrusting hard to gaining control by force, or surround, the key city of Marib. It’s the last fortress of the globally acknowledge government and is at the center of Yemen’s oil fields.  The fall of Marib would be a crucial turning point in the war.

Saudi Arabia, supported by the US and UK, got involved in Yemen in 2015, after the Houthis expelled the government from the capital, Sanaa. subsequently Yemen has been grasp tightly by one of the world’s worst humanitarian calamities.

It’s been a soiled war, with all sides faulted for killing civilians and other maltreatment.  Not less than 800,000 people dislodged by the war have fled to Marib. More are on their way.

BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen has traveled to Marib to give an account of the situation.


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