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BBNaija: Here is the reason this season has 2 houses [Pulse Explainer]

Nigerians have wondered why they have to between watching the trenches and Islanders at the same time. [BBNaija]

Nigerians have wondered why they have to between watching the trenches and Islanders at the same time. [BBNaija]

At the point when the seventh time of Nigeria’s most watched unscripted television show, Big Brother Naija, began in July 2022, a significant number of its excited devotees somewhat accepted they knew Biggie’s content.
The coordinators of the show, most importantly, uncovered that it would have two premiere nights very much like its past season – many accepted either the male or female housemates would turn up on the two evenings.

That was the primary glimpse of something larger as both male and female housemates appeared on both premiere nights, disproving many fans once more.

Trust Nigerians as they moved on from that real quick and expressed worry over the size of the house where the first set of housemates moved into. Then came the following night; as the second set of housemates moved into another house.

For many, the second house looked more appealing while the first house appeared cheesy.

Biggie named both houses Level 1 and Level 2 while fans of the show called them

‘The Islanders’ and ‘The Trenches.’

Another big issue fans have had since the premiere is the fact that they have to watch the show on two channels, something a lot of people have been struggling with.

Many have wondered how the organisers of the reality TV show came up with two houses and two channels

This is what happened.

If you watched the show on the night of the premiere, the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu revealed that Biggie had something up his sleeves. He went on to share a short clip of a game the housemates played while they were still contestants.
The game involved two name cards (a multi-colored card and black and white card), a deck of playing cards and two dices.

The game aimed to determine who wrote their names first on any of the name cards. The housemates who were contestants were then paired for the game.

After they played the game which involved rolling the dice, the winner of each game wrote their name first on the name card of their choice while the loser wrote theirs on the second card.

Even though many feel it is too cumbersome surfing their TV sets to keep up with both houses, others believe it is part of Biggie’s plan to keep fans glued to the show.

It is believed in many quarters that the two house scripts being bankrolled by Biggie are just part of the planned surprises, twists and jaw-breaking ploys planned to make this season one of its best.

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