At least 54 people killed as trailer overturns in Mexico

Pictures at the scene show the large truck and trailer overturned on a busy road

Pictures at the scene show the large truck and trailer overturned on a busy road

Not less than 54 people were killed and scores more wounded following the crashed of truck they were being transported in southern Mexico, authorities say.

Over 150 people, said to be immigrants from Central America, were completely fill into the truck’s trailer and just then it rolled in the state of Chiapas.

Photos from the crash scene reveals victims untidily scattered across the road next to the crashed truck.

There were as well rows of what seems to be bodies covered in white sheets.

It is one of the most severe accidents of its kind in Mexico. Forty-nine people were firmly established dead at the scene and five more died in hospital, Chiapas Governor Rutilio Escandón stated.

An unspecified number 105 people – 83 men and 22 women – were as well wounded in the crash, he said.

Exigency officials said the victims included men, women and children. Where they are a legal citizen have not been established, however local officials said most of the people on board were from Honduras and Guatemala.

The truck was allegedly speeding when it flipped on a sharp bend and hit a pedestrian bridge on a main road leading to the Chiapas state capital Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

Chiapas, which neighbors  Guatamala, is a important transit point for not recorded immigrants.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing poverty and violence in Central America attempt to cross through Mexico yearly in a move to reach the US.

A lot of them pay contraband, who unlawfully transport them in crowded and hazardous trucks on the long journey.

The US-Mexico border remain the most dangerous sole crossing in the world as confirmed by data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM). This year only, not less than 650 people have died attempting to cross the border – extremely in any other year from the time IOM’s records started.

There are as well many deaths on the dangerous journey in the direction of the border, nonetheless these are more difficult to exactly document, the IOM said in a declaration.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico’s President reported the crash as

“very painful”

and wrote on Twitter that he

“deeply regrets the tragedy”.

Just last month, an immigrant caravan passing through Chiapas discovered that the local authorities had clamped down so hard on people supply lifts to immigrants, they successfully had to undertake the whole journey on foot.

That includes carrying their children in their arms in the intense heat and severe rainstorm of southern Mexico’s rural states.

It’s a strategy engaged by the government to attempt to break the immigrants’ will, to see if any will give up and turn back or consent to asylum conditions in Mexico.

Throughout all the difficulties, trucks have continued to transport thousands of immigrants right under the noses – or with the connivance – of the state authorities.

Their trailers filled with a group of families standing in uncomfortably small, restricted and unsafe conditions for hours, it’s a surprise such accidents aren’t more often.

Frequently the biggest peril to the immigrants is from difficulty in breathing as the people-smugglers fail to supply enough ventilation or hydration for the trip.

Still the bulk of those in this dreadful accident came from Central America and will have been evading economic destruction, the effects of acute weather from climate change on their income or gang violence. Or some amalgamation of all of these factors.

Taking that into consideration, numerous thousands more will continue to think carefully about the hazards of the road to be a possibility worth taking to flee the intolerable situation at home.

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