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Angelique Kidjo makes Burna Boy become flushed with sumptuous commendations in new video

Burna Boy and Angelique Kidjo (NotJustOk)

Burna Boy and Angelique Kidjo (NotJustOk)

Angelique Kidjo, a Beninese vocalist, says she feels regarded that Burna Boy has inspected her music.
Angelique Kidjo showered acclaim on Burna Boy during their new Instagram live meeting. Kidjo, a multi-Grammy champ, says hearing an example of his melody on Burna Boy’s record made her shout. It gives her goosebumps, she says, to see somebody contact her tune and take it to another level – one she could never have anticipated.
In a way that would sound natural to her,

“You cause me to pay attention to my melody in an unexpected way. What’s more, that is the very thing music is the point at which someone contact your work and do it unique. It takes the work to another level. It brings you elsewhere that you never predict yourself.”

Discussing Burna Boy’s live exhibition, she hailed the Nigerian artist for being a decent entertainer.

“One thing I want to tell you after your show in Paris. You can do ponder on collection yet what makes you an alternate craftsman and craftsman in entire is the point at which you are in front of an audience and you convey.”


“Furthermore, when I come to your show I am like, ‘My kid is killing them all, that is my kid’ and I’m preferring it”,

she added.

These commendations were thankfully acknowledged by the African Giant, who conceded to becoming flushed.

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