Alleged cannibalism: Nigeria Police arrests four people

Nigerian police are tracking more members of the suspected gang

Nigerian police are tracking more members of the suspected gang

Police in the north-western Nigerian state of Zamfara announced they have apprehended four people reportedly connected in man-eating and selling human organs – an infrequent occurrence in the region.

The suspects were nabbed following detectives discovery of a corpse in an uncompleted building with some body parts missing, Ayuba Elkanah, the state’s commissioner of police told journalists on Thursday.

The finding occurred during an analysis into the vanishing of a nine-year-old boy.

The suspects, two men and two teenage boys, were apprehended last week, Mr Elkanah said, in addition he said other members of the gang were being tracked down.

The police chief said inquiries had showed that the reported ring leader had on two instances paid the other suspects 500,000 naira ($1,200; £880) for the human parts.

Zamfara is one of the states worst hit by a wave of killings and abducting for payment, with authorities facing condemnation for failing to confront the brutality.

Last week, approximately 200 people were allegedly killed during a series of raids on a number of villages in the state.


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