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Afghanistan’s female TV moderators should cover their appearances, say Taliban

Female presenters - faces uncovered - have become common on screen in recent years

Female presenters – faces uncovered – have become common on screen in recent years

The Taliban have requested female Afghan TV moderators to cover their appearances while on air.

News sources were recounted the announcement on Wednesday, a strict police representative told BBC Pashto.

The decision comes fourteen days after all ladies were requested to wear a face cloak in broad daylight, or deal with repercussion.

Limitations on ladies are being fixed – they are restricted from going without male family members and auxiliary schools are closed for young ladies.

The new announcement is by and large broadly censured on Twitter, with many calling it one more advance by the Taliban to advance radicalism.

“The world sends veils to safeguard individuals from Covid. The Taliban conveys veils to safeguard individuals from seeing the essences of ladies columnists. For the Taliban, ladies are an infection,”

one extremist tweeted.

The private Shamshad news channel posted a photograph of its news moderator wearing a cover, and other comparable pictures are being shared via online entertainment.

After taking power last August, the Taliban had held off issuing new laws on what women should wear – until this month.

But in early May the Ministry for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue announced that all women would have to cover their face in public. Anyone refusing to comply now risks an escalating series of punishments.

The latest decree makes clear the hardline rulers’ order on face coverings also applies to women on screen.

“Based on information received by Tolo news, the order has been issued to all media outlets in Afghanistan,”

the news channel reported.

(From August 2021) Female presenters return on Afghanistan’s Tolo News, with one interviewing the Taliban

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