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8 Horrifying Myths About Russian-Ukrainian War

Railings of the Embassy of Russian Federation in London, UK

Railings of the Embassy of Russian Federation in London, UK

Also, what you want to know to begin saving Ukrainian lives.
II am a Ukrainian UX architect. I never suspected I’d expound on legislative issues, yet my nation has been at battle for 13 days at this point.
I need the world to know reality.
I’m frightened to nod off. In the first part of the day, I’m terrified to open my eyes – consider the possibility that I read about bombardments of my home city. My hands shake while I’m opening a courier to check in the event that my folks are on the web. To check assuming my folks are alive. I’d never been strict, yet presently I ask.
Russian fundamentalists have been shelling Ukrainian urban communities for about fourteen days at this point. Russian planes have been dropping bombs on local locations. Russian fighters have been killing regular people, including ladies and youngsters. Thermal energy stations have been caught and utilized as an atomic danger. Right now of composing this, 742,000 regular folks are cut off from power, 238,000 are cut off from gas. A helpful disaster is at full scale, and Russians have negatively mined the

“protected entry”

they vowed to keep.

Damaged buildings in a residential area of Bila Tserkva on March 5, 2022. (Wojciech Grzedzinski/for The Washington Post)

In any case, in spite of this large number of repulsions and atrocities, I see a devastating pattern via virtual entertainment: bunches of individuals are unsupported of Ukraine and, surprisingly, safeguarding Russia.
A portion of these individuals like to see themselves as

“elective scholars”,

who are unprejudiced and careful about Western publicity (and I speculate a great deal of them are similar individuals who didn’t have confidence in Covid), so they try not to share any data about the Russian conflict in Ukraine.
Some of them like to see themselves as peaceful objector and communists, so they would rather not give to the Ukrainian armed force.
Some are simply normal individuals partaking in their agreeable lives in Europe, the USA, and from one side of the planet to the other – and asking why news and media are brimming with bloody pictures nowadays, and for what reason would it be a good idea for them to mind? For what reason would it be a good idea for them to sign any petitions or money a contention they don’t completely get it?
Ukraine needs your help. Ukraine needs you to know that reality. In the event that you are as yet in uncertainty about what’s happening in Ukraine now (or know any individuals who are)- I’ve endeavored to list and expose the most over the top appalling fantasies about the Russian attack. I’m likewise sharing data on what you can do as opposed to supporting these legends.
Fantasy # 1
Financial approvals against Russia won’t stop the conflict. A great many standard Russian individuals will lose their positions.
Misleading. There is a technique to end any tyranny, and financial approvals are important for this strategy. In the event that no organizations are left on the Russian market, where will the tyrant get his cash from? Each organization that hasn’t dropped Russia yet is fundamentally supporting this dread full time. The equivalent goes for the oil ban – oil is the main way Russia can bring in cash to keep financing its atrocities. On the off chance that all nations consent to prevent purchasing oil from Russia, the conflict will stop soon.
With respect to customary individuals, sanctions are the best way to drive them to dissent (see Myth # 2). Another impact is that Russians are losing their positions escaping the nation – thus, less charges and less men accessible for Putin to send them to war (recollect, Ukrainians are passing on, and it’s more awful than losing an employment). Likewise, authorizations will cause social unrest, which will definitely debilitate Russia’s tactical power.

People demonstrate in support of Ukraine outside the residence of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London on February 25. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

What YOU can do: assuming you’re stressed over individuals losing positions, support Ukrainians who lost their positions in light of the Russian intrusion.
Here is a few sites where you can enlist Ukrainian experts:
👩‍💻 Employ for Ukraine
👩‍💻 UA Talents
👩‍💻 Employ a Ukrainian Refugee
👩‍💻 Job4Ukraine
Fantasy # 2
Russian individuals can do nothing. Fights don’t work in a dictator state.
Misleading. Fights are compelling. Tyrant states simply require more critical fights – mass strikes of the system’s center electorate. Up until this point, a couple thousand have taken more time to the roads in Russia, a country with a 145-million populace. Clearly, these are the most taught and scholarly individuals of the nation who’d never upheld the Putin system. These individuals are a minority. We want to set off fights of the majority, fights of millions who might basically overpower the police force (the greater piece of Russian police are presently diverted by killing individuals in Ukraine).
Truth be told, comparable fights occurred in Russia in 2018 – the purported “trash fights” against Moscow trash being landfilled in northern Russia. Around 16,000 individuals turned up in the 30 spots, regardless of the gamble of captures. Following two years of activism, they returned the specialists’ choice.
So Russians ARE ready to dissent? Furthermore, they can find actual success at it, when they are truly inspired. Current phenomenal financial authorizations will be their next


One more extraordinary illustration of a compelling dissent is the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity, the Maidan Revolution of 2013-2014. A huge number of Ukrainians went to fights, figured out how to safeguard their nation’s vote based system and forestalled a slide once again into Kremlin-style tyranny.
On the off chance that huge number of Russians took more time to the roads, they would essentially overpower the police force (the greater piece of Russian police are as of now diverted by killing individuals in Ukraine).

More instances of powerful and chivalrous fights from late days:
Ukrainians attempting to stop Russian tanks with their exposed hands in Eastern Ukraine
social fights in the urban areas seized by Russian powers, where large number of individuals remain fighting in the focal squares in spite of the peril of being shot by the tenants
individuals making a living safeguard with their bodies to safeguard the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant in Enerhodar.

Citizens create a roadblock on a road that leads to the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, in Enerhodar, Ukraine, March 2, 2022.Facebook/National Guard of Ukraine

What YOU can do: support Ukraine and the world in forcing EVEN MORE financial assents on Russia and Russian residents. One of the ways of heightening this strain is to compose messages and messages to your neighborhood individuals from parliament and legislators, with direct requests to obstruct all business with Russia.
For instance, here is the rundown of US Congress representatives you can write to.
Another way is to placed strain on worldwide brands who are as yet proceeding with business with Russia. Right now of composing this, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are as yet working in Russia, and no less than 35 top brands actually stay on the Russian market – here is the full rundown.

Posters demonstrating how profits from sales of Faberlic and Greenfield products can be used to sponsor the war in Ukraine

Legend # 3
Russians and Ukrainians are the two casualties in this.
Bogus. Envision you’re heading back home around evening time and see somebody assaulting a lady. Without saying a word or calling the police, you continue heading back home. Does it make you a casualty in this? No, it makes you an assistant. This is actually the thing Russians are doing (and have been doing during the whole length of the Putin system). They notice their administration assaulting and killing Ukraine.
As per various late reports (and from my own insight), numerous Russians just decline to recognize the abominations that have went with Putin’s intrusion. You’ll be stunned to figure out the number of Russians are, truth be told, underwriting the conflict exertion and are vocal about it. For instance, heads of 250 Russian colleges distributed an authority address by the Union of Russian Rectors on March 4 advocating the conflict and approaching Russians to mobilize on the side of Putin.
You need to comprehend that most of Russians have royal mentality and had been supporting the addition of Crimea when 2014 (asserting it to be the

“local Russian land”).

Indeed, even the most liberal Russians, even heads of the Russian resistance, like Alexey Navalny, see no issue in the extension of Crimea – and that implies they’re disregarding the power of Ukraine as a free state. Navalny additionally upheld Russian conflict in Georgia in 2008. You can’t be a casualty and an assailant simultaneously.
To approve this, do a basic test – ask any liberal Russian who’d escaped their nation as of late – which nation does Crimea have a place with? The response will amaze you. Russians actually want to be the preeminent country and extend their domains.
What YOU can do: spread reality with regards to Russians, about Putin and his system. Share data about this conflict, killed and tormented regular folks, and demolished urban communities via online entertainment with the hashtags #StandWithUkraine, #RussiaInvadedUkraine, #PutinIsATerrorist, #StopPutin, #StopWar, #UkraineWillResist, #HelpUkraineNow, #StopRussianAggression.
Fantasy # 4
You should feel frustrated about the Russians who are enduring at this point.
Bogus. Ukrainians are passing on now, not Russians. Consistently you spend talking about how Russians lost admittance to their #1 Netflix motion pictures, lost their positions, or lost their opportunity for 15 days because of their support in fights – simply recollect: Ukrainians are biting the dust.
A 6-year-old youngster passed on from drying out in Mariupol yesterday since Russian extremists had been hindering water supplies. By moving needs to Russians’ necessities, you’re permitting more Ukrainian youngsters to kick the bucket.

People struggling to escape the Russian massacre in several cities of Ukraine ©

What YOU can do: Post tweets on the pages of all significant basic freedoms associations, like @UNHumanRights. Stand out for them to the philanthropic fiasco in Ukraine. Compose direct messages to their chiefs on Linkedin and on Twitter. Put squeeze on @RedCross and @BritishRedCross, as they’re right now not doing what’s necessary to guarantee the protected entry from Mariupol and other Ukrainian urban communities threatened by Russian extremists.

Legend # 5

“I’m not supporting NATO and I would rather not finance another conflict. I’m a conservative and I wish harmony for everybody. Savagery isn’t the response.”

Envision a domineering jerk going after you in the road. How will you respond? Weep for harmony and show them an image of a pigeon? Or on the other hand retaliate? Ukrainians are retaliating, and they’re battling for tranquility of whole Europe. Putin is a domineering jerk, and he won’t stop at Ukraine. In the event that you need harmony, you want triumph first. Wish us triumph, send us weapons, send us assets to retaliate.
What YOU can do: there are numerous ways of supporting the helpful mission in Ukraine.
🇺🇦 🏦 The least demanding method for giving is through this site, worked in organization with a few Ukrainian pledge drives:
🇺🇦 🏦 Pledge drive coordinated by the Ukrainian Tech people group (they center around medium-sized requests of provisions that regularly go disregarded by enormous establishments):

A man protesting in London, UK. His banner says “Send weapons, not prayers”

Legend # 6

“Ukrainian government would rather not arrange. Ukrainian president could end this contention calmly.”

Misleading. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky had offered Putin to meet and talk some time before the conflict began. Ukrainian delegates partook in all rounds of current Ukrainian-Russian “dealings”, and each time the requests of Russia were unsuitable for the sway of Ukraine. The requests incorporate Ukraine stopping military activity, changing its constitution to revere impartiality, recognizing Crimea as Russian region, and perceiving the nonconformist republics of Donetsk and Lugansk as autonomous states. Such requests are a political joke and in no way, shape or form Ukraine will acknowledge them.
Other world pioneers attempted to haggle with Putin, as well, however the entirety of their endeavors were vain, as on account of Emmanuel Macron.
What YOU can do: If you need this conflict to end calmly, sign an appeal for NATO to close Ukrainian sky:!stopwar. This supplication incorporates a great deal of potential measures (their viability is made sense of and estimated in this article), all of which will help Ukraine tremendously. Petitions and social activism have been exceptionally effective up until this point – legislatures are making phenomenal moves to bankrupt Russian conflict machine, to some degree on account of individuals like you and me, who are communicating our requests via online entertainment and at serene meetings.

A woman carried by Ukrainian soldiers crosses an improvised path while fleeing the town of Irpin, Ukraine, Sunday, March 6, 2022. In Irpin, near Kyiv, a sea of people on foot and even in wheelbarrows trudged over the remains of a destroyed bridge to cross a river and leave the city. (Oleksandr Ratushniak/AP)

Legend # 7

“We likewise need to represent the Russian culture and expressions, as they are being dropped now.”

Misleading. Russian culture isn’t your main goal now. It is Ukrainian culture – and future – that has been jeopardized for its whole history being neighboured by a psychological oppressor state.
At the point when Nazis are bombarding Warsaw, it’s not the perfect opportunity to examine the music of Wagner.
Huge number of Ukrainians are injured, can’t get clinical assistance, can’t call their nearby ones, can’t inhale, can’t rest, can’t save their kids. Ukrainians are sitting in filthy cellars, astonished and frantic. How in the world would you be able to in any case consider Dostoevsky and dropped Russian shows when this bad dream is going on?!

Maria Prymachenko, a renowned Ukrainian artist whose works were attempted to be burnt by fascists during a Russian attack on Ivankiv Historical and Local History Museum.

What YOU can do: If you like to show your help through expressions, there are different ways of doing that.
🇺🇦 🏦 Support Ukrainian performers and music names: marks and-gathering pledges discharges support-today.
🇺🇦 🏦 Track down more Ukrainian music pledge drives here: sheets/d/1GVBFIPmfmfBvqi6XMuBNxAHkcG1k102ewMkS6w0waLE/htmlview?urp=gmail_link
🇺🇦 🏦 Purchase from style brands raising assets for Ukraine: gathering pledges design brands
🇺🇦 🏦 Support Ukrainian craftsmen: you-can-elevate and-support/
🇺🇦 🏦 You can likewise give by means of purchasing NFTs and read more about how the plan world is supporting Ukraine.
Fantasy # 8
“Russians and Ukrainians are one individuals. This contention has been arranged by the West.”
Misleading. Ukrainian is a free culture, and it has existed any more than the way of life presently called Russian.
📖 You can get more familiar with in this talk:

“Carl Bildt: The historical backdrop of Ukraine is not quite the same as the historical backdrop of Russia”

📖 A short string on how Ukraine is battling for its autonomy from Russia for ~300+ years by Ostap Andrusiv
What YOU can do: quit referring to Russians as

“the more seasoned siblings”

of Ukraine. Siblings aren’t killing and tormenting their siblings. Quit communicating your second thoughts about our countries

“floating separated”

– anybody would need to float away from an extremist neighbor. Stop any talk on how close our societies are – you’re helping Kremlin publicity.
Stand with Ukraine!

Photos showing Ukrainian cities of Kyiv and Mykolaiv before and after Russian invasion

Extra materials

“My Motherland is at War – Please Help Ukraine Now”,

an article by Slava Shestopalov
Russification of Ukraine from the eighteenth century till these days.
Order of Ukrainian language concealment from the seventeenth century, 90% of concealment came from the Russian Empire and USSR.
Russian extremism (Rashism), a philosophy in view of the thoughts of the

“unique mission”

of the Russians, xenophobia, paternalism, Soviet-style colonialism, the utilization of Russian Orthodoxy as an ethical convention, and impact through atomic stockpile, energy assets, and so on
Russian atrocities in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Central African Republic, and Ukraine.
🇺🇦 🏦 Give to confided in associations in Ukraine
Exceptional record of the National Bank of Ukraine (acknowledges 9 distinct monetary standards; worked on installment in Euro and U.S. dollar).
Save Life Fund and their auxiliary Come Back Alive (work starting around 2014; acknowledge Euro, U.S. dollar, and Bitcoin).
Store Hospitallers (clinical volunteers).

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