Untimely retirement plans: 10-year-old entrepreneur ready to retire at 15 – mom

10-year-old entrepreneur set to retire at 15, mom says

Too soon retirement is so far on the skyline for a 10-year-old business person.

Pixie Curtis could be set for life before she surprisingly finishes high school thanks to the extensively accomplishing accessory and toy businesses that she commenced with her mom in Sydney, Australia, Stellar Magazine reported.

“You won’t need to worry; you can retire at 15 the way you’re going,”

her mother and PR whiz Roxy Jacenko told her daughter in a joint discussion, the Sun reported.

The mother-daughter duo first set afloat Pixie’s Bows in 2011, after Pixie’s Fidgets in May, accompanied by two ventures approximated to earn $21 million in the next decade, the outlet said.

In the first month only, Pixie’s Fidgets sold over $200,000 worth of products.

Jacenko said the

“most rewarding”

part of the journey has been observing her daughter’s drive and business astuteness.

“What is the most exciting thing for me is the entrepreneurial spirit that she has at such a young age,”

she said.


Pixie Curtis first launched Pixie’s Bows in 2011.

Pixie Curtis and her mom followed up the launch of Pixie’s Bows with Pixie’s Fidgets.

“I never had it, although it was drummed into me that I had to succeed. When I was 14, I got a job at McDonald’s because that’s what you did back in my day,”

she said.

Pixie said that she intends to use her money obtained in return for labor and services to treat her mom to a shopping spree as well as a opulence tour for the holidays.

“I’m going to get her some new clothes because she has no good clothes at all, and I also want to get her some real hair because she desperately needs hair extensions,”

Pixie told the magazine.

Roxy Jacenko said the most reward part of growing the businesses has been watching her daughter Pixie’s drive and business acumen.

“Today, my friend told me his family are going to Paris for Christmas, and I think that’s just wonderful, so I told Mom I think we should go to my favorite place, which is Fiji.”

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