An Indian Man, Punished With An Uncommon Double Life Sentence For Killing His Wife

An Indian man, who was sentenced for killing his wife causing a cobra to bite her, has been penalized with an uncommon double life sentence.

Sooraj Kumar was apprehended last year consequence upon his wife, Uthra’s death from a snake bite.

Police investigation commenced after her family alleged murder, accusing Sooraj for persistently troubling them for dowry.

A court On Monday, found Sooraj guilty of releasing a cobra onto the bed while Uthra slept.

This was how 25-year-old home maker was found dead in her home in May last year. Uthra was recovering from the first snake bite (Russell’s viper) just weeks earlier, when she was attacked by the cobra. Her family became suspicious and began to dig deep into the matter

Police said their investigation pointed to Sooraj being behind both attempts. They also apprehended a man who had assisted him to obtain the snakes – he consequently turned “approver” and aided police piece together the case.

As Live Law would have it, an Indian legal website, police evidence ran into 1,000 pages and comprehensive and elaborate plot planned and implemented by Sooraj.

Criminal court proceeding had argued that it was a

“rarest of rare cases”

and demanded the ultimate penalty (Death) for the accused.

The judge affirmed that it was truely a rare case and awarded a double life sentence to Sooraj and also ordered him to pay a fine of 500,000 rupees ($6,635; £4,869).

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